Summer holidays

It's been a long time without publishing anything as I've been busy as hell but now I'm officially on holidays and here's my first painted miniature. 

Nothing special, just to warm me up. A new addition to my Chaos Warriors unit.


  1. I was starting to worry about you, Javier! Nice to have you back. Your chaos warrior looks great. Love what you did with te armor!

  2. I'm still here :) I was with the end of the course and the "oposiciones" as well so it's been a bit madness lately. Right now I've started a new project with Anglo-Saxons and Vikings but in 1/72! I hope to publish something about them probably in August as right now I'm moving to a new house.
    See you around buddy :)

    1. 1/72 is a great scale... never used it for gaming though.