X-Com base attack

Continuing with the testing of my home rules today I played an alien assault to an X-Com base. 

The base has seven regulars armed with MARSEC rifles, hand grenades and kevlar armour, one with missile launcher and another with a SAW, plus one mobile platform and six veterans in battle armour with MARSEC rifles and one automatic missile launcher.

The attacking aliens are 30+ random Sectoids, Snakemen, Chryssalids and Mutons.

 The X-Com base.

First turn and aliens broke through into the base, taking X-Com by surprise. First blood is one man down and another stunned from a Sectoid Psi-attack.

A snakemen sneaks behind and kills another soldier.

The tank fired in reaction and missed all its shots but then the Muton didn't with his plasma rifle.

The commander attacked by two Sectoids and a leader but he shrugged off all mental attacks. Behind him, Another man fell down by a grenade.

The SAW man  killed one snake and made first alien blood.

Another grunt fell by a fearsome Chryssalid.

The Muton who destroyed the mobile platform is received by two reaction fires and is wounded.

The commander killed four Sectoids single handle! Odds started to balance a bit.

The already wounded Muton finally died by a direct missile hit.

The SAW again in action, shooting at their backs, killing one and wounding another.

The soldier who fell down, recovered thanks to his automedikit and slaughthered and bunch of aliens with one well put missile.

The commander is inoculated by a Chryssalid and turned into a zombie!

And another Chryssalid turned one more into a zombie!

 - It's a zombie, shoot him!

Last stand.

The X-Com base fell in the hands of the aliens but their defenders managed to kill thirty of them and only four more survived.
In the beginning many regulars died but then veterans with better armour and combat skills stopped the aliens and almost win the day.


  1. Nicely done and good use of the space hulk board tiles!

    1. I'm using it a lot lately for everything except SH!

  2. Nice setup and fight. The boys stood their ground for their beloved star system!

    1. Yes they did, and next time them will do better with the help of a thicker armour

  3. Great looking game and figures. Makes me want to do more urban, skirmish scenarios.

  4. I used to hate base assaults! Looks like a great game and the Space Hulk tiles work really well.

    1. Me neither :)
      SH tiles look really well for 15mm. The only minor issue is the size of the doors.
      Cheers Alan!

  5. Fantastic stuff! The models are gorgeous like always and those space hulk tiles fit in well. I'm highly interested in these rules, once you are happy with them. :)

    1. thanks Skully, you're too kind. I'll be delighterd to pass my rules and read some feedback from you. I'll do it as soon as I translate them into English!