I've just finished painting a batch of Aliens from Khurasan and was itching to play with them so I put to test again my home rules "Zap or Glory" in a small skirmish.

The action starts with the doctor, his daughter, his personal bodyguard and a team of mercenaries escorting them, with four men watching the vehicles and two more accompanying them to the entrance of an old and forgotten temple lost in the middle of a jungle of a dark planet; but the temple is not deserted...

First encounter happens automatically but number of creatures and location is generated per rules. Five daemons emerge from the temple with murdering intentions.

The bodyguard throws a HE grenade that kills three of them and the two mercenaries move back and fire without effect while the good doctor and his daughter run away to the transports.

The two surviving daemons charge and kill the bodyguard.

 But with all that noise more are coming. Behind you!

Luckily another grenade puts them off the game and in the meantime doctor and daughter safely arrives the transports.

While waiting for their comrades to reach the vehicles, three more daemons charge them from the bushes but they were on overwatch and could react on time.

Run Forest, run!

In the end they managed to kill all the daemons without having more casualties but run out of ammo.

So the final score was 3 humans vs. 12 daemons down, but shooting was mostly on open ground and with very lucky dice, so it was closer than it looks.

I had to change and add quite a few things in the rules but all in all ZoG is progressing nicely. You can see in my blog other tests with ZoG, an X-Com encounter and an adaptation of Assault on Bunker 17 from Laserburn rules.
Still a lot to test though. I wish I had more spare time.


  1. I'm glad you liked it. Thank you!

  2. Great batrep and gorgeous minis and terrain! Who makes the vehicles, please?

    1. Thanks Skully, the vehicles are Mech warrior Dark Age clix vehicles with their original painting.