Kursk. Defend high ground

Today we played Defend High Ground from the Battlegroup Kursk at 500 points only as we do not have time to play larger games at the moment, but we are making plans to meet one Saturday to play a 1.000 points game.
All terrain by Alexis (the Russian opponent).

I played defensively with the Germans and picked one FHQ, one grenadier platoon with one Pak40, one flak 38 (using a proxy here), one sniper, one 120mm on board mortar, one Stug III G squadron and one panzer IV E. I also had a HMG, a bunker and a minefield for free.

I do not remember exactly what the Russians chose but you can guess by looking at the pictures: two Zis3, five T-34, one ISU-152, FHQ, commissar, a medium mortar off-board battery, one sniper, one platoon of infantry and some tank riders.

Initial deployment. Germans at the bottom of the picture. The three objectives were the big hill where I started, plus the two big houses.

The MG42 team inside the bunker.

First blood. One of my Stug III destroyed in ambush fire one T-34 which was trying to sneak through my left flank.

Snipers duel! You can see the a dark shadow at the bottom who is the Russian sniper. Mine won the duel :)

T-34 rushed forward and missed my Pak40, but it did not miss and destroyed one.

 Russian reinforcements.

And immediately after them, the German ones.

This Stug III tried to outflank the Russian tanks and approximate to the third objective (the house next to the burning T-34) to win the game.

Infantry reinforcements followed the Stug III on the same flank to support him in assaulting the third objective.

Although I lost my AT gun due to a tank riders assault, my tanks moved into where it was, and stopped the Russian attack by destroying two more T-34.

Two Russian squads were closing dangerously to my isolated Stug III but the sniper and one squad were already in position to help it.

In this moment the Russian broke and the game was over. German had only suffered 6 BR points in total. Nice little game.


  1. Love it! Looks a great game all round.

  2. Cheers Monty! Battlegroup is a great game and we're looking for bigger matches :)

  3. Hola.Hace poco que he descubierto el Battlegroup y me gusta el sistema de ordenes que tiene. De hecho ya he pedido el Battlegroup Kursk.Vengo de jugar algo al FoW,poco y casi siempre solo.
    ¿Cómo te va con el Battlegroup?

  4. Hola Manolo, bienvenido a mi blog. Battlegroup es divertido de jugar porque te permite poner todos tus juguetes en la mesa; tanques, aviones, artillería, etc. También tiene un sistema de moral y victoria muy bueno. Yo ya no lo estoy jugando porque no encuentro con quién. Se recomiendo que te unas al grupo facebook de Battlegroup.
    Un saludo,

    1. Eso mismo me pasa a mí con el FoW y otros juegos. Al final he acabado por jugar solo utilizando cartas hechas por uno mismo, al estilo Memoir 44.

    2. Sí. Yo ahora estoy tonteando con juegos en solitario precisamente por eso. Si no los conoces te recomiendo que le eches un vistazo a Nuts! de Two Hour Wargames y a los de Nordic Weasel Games, que están muy bien para jugar en solitario. En mi blog hay varios informes.