Poor Bloody Infantry 2006 revisited


  1. I do play PBI but not a fan of the Russians (new or Old rules). I usually play Americans.
    We can all have 1 sided games. I completely lost after 2 turns once.

    but a few games later I was defending against panser grenidiers. I was lucky and was able to drop mortar rounds on them while they were inside of half tracks. The guy never used half tracks again.

    The games really can go either way and a good win is quickly cancelled by a bad loose.

    I think the new rules are better but not so dramatically so. As you currently do not play often I would stick to the old rules. BUT if you played more frequently I would suggest trying the newer rules.

  2. I`m thinking in the same lines as you Clint. I play PBI once in blue moon so I don't think I'll buy the new version, especially as I already like PBI2006 as it is!
    Many thanks for your comments.

  3. We have active PBI players in good contact all over this country here ( Germany )

    While we greatly enjoy the 2006 edition - we don't touch the new version with a barque pole.