Khurasan arrived!

My order to Khurasan miniatures has just arrived on time as I already run out of 15mm miniatures to paint. I started with these four characters because they can be used together with my GZG painted miniatures either as special agents to fight along or as evil characters to fight against. 
Seeing now the picture I recalled the film Matrix; I should have painted one Afro-American.

These miniatures show great and sharp detail and are full character. They are top quality and nice price.

I also finished these GZG my friend gave me. These ones will fight as some sort of future SWAT forces.

Now I have many more miniatures to paint but also enough of them already painted to start a skirmish, so now I am going to make some quick terrain.


  1. Nice job! I really like K's minis.

  2. Nice work. I do like the first set can imagine them as detectives or bounty hunters of some sort

    1. Yes! Actually they can be anything: special agents, street punks, bounty hunters, detectives o just a wild bunch :)