Blood Eagle, first game.

Last weekend we had our first game with Blood Eagle. We played the first scenario, the raid, with 250 point warbands; one of Viking raiders and the other with Saxons. Though almost doubled in numbers, the superior quality of the Viking raiders made them to win easily once they engaged in melee.
All terrain and miniatures courtesy of my friend Paco (another Paco;)).

Here we can see the Saxons deployed around the great hall to protect their women and children. 

Slingers could only fire once and then everybody was engaged in melee.

The Viking berserk and a veteran warrior at the top right quickly dispatched three fyrd men and gained access to the great hall. On the left some Viking warriors also made short work of their enemies. I lost several men and my two huscarles.

All in all we quite liked the rules and I have returned to paint Vikings again with the hope of playing a full campaign. Tomorrow we will play a second game, this time with three players, and will see how it goes.


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    1. Thanks Monty. I just uploaded a second game of blood eagle, very tense and exiting to play.