Carrier Command just released!

Carrier Command is the new supplement I wrote with John Cunningham to play with Fighter Command, and where you can be in command of a Capship instead of a space fighter. 

There are also new types of weapons and ships as well as electronic warfare, much detailed rules for capships and two campaigns; one narrative with fifteen encounters, and another generic that can be played over and over and which includes eight generic encounters.

You can buy it in Two Hour Wargames and I hope you will enjoy it as much as we do.

From the THW site:

5150: Carrier Command

The "Big Ship" supplement for 5150: Fighter Command

What: Sci Fi Space Combat Game with "Big Ships".

Scale: 1 model equals 1 Capital Ship or Fighter/Bomber.

Your Role: Players command a Capital Ship.

Playability: Designed for solo, same side and head to head play.

5150: Carrier Command can be played in a variety of ways:

• You can play as the Commander of a Star Carrier with flights of Fighters/Bombers.
• You can play as the Commander of one Capital Ship chosen from over a dozen types and a variety of Races.
• You can play one-off battles.
• You can play the full campaign with up to fifteen scenarios.

The bottom line is you can play it any way you like, with any models or counters you like.

Inside you’ll find:

• Detailed yet simple rules for CapShip combat with stats and counters for a variety of Races and types.
• Fifteen scenarios linked together in order to tell your story as the Commander of the Star Carrier Daedalus.
• Fully compatible with 5150: Fighter Command, our Fighter based space combat game.
• A minimal bookkeeping Campaign System that gives meaning to every game as the results of one will affect the outcome of the next.

5150: Carrier Command - the next chapter in our Space Combat Story.


  1. Congratulations!!!! I'm glad to have participated in at least a few playtests before real life interfered. I bought the PDF today and can't wait to play out the rest of the campaign. I really like the rules changs for AA -- that was my main reason to go ahead and purchase the PDF. Well done, Javier!

    1. Thank you very much Nicholas for your help and support. I hope you enjoy the campaign and post many AARs :)

    2. Question: Can Carrier Command and Fighter Command be played on a hex board?

    3. Yes they can. Actually the ships make turns like in an hex board. You just need to convert distances to hexes.