BOFA good commanders.

And here there are the last figures I had to paint to finish this little project. Mission accomplished. Now we only have to find an evening that suit us both to play The Battle of Five Armies with Warmaster rules and whose report I will post here.
For the standards I used old Epic decals.

Y aquí están las últimas figuras que tenía que pintar para acabar con este pequeño proyecto. Misión cumplida. Ahora sólo nos queda encontrar una tarde en la que ambos podamos quedar para jugar la Batalla de los Cinco Ejércitos con las reglas de Warmaster, y cuyo informe de batalla subiré al blog.
Para los estandartes usé viejas calcas de Epic.


  1. Wonderful figures, Javier. This whole project has been beautiful.. And FAST!

    1. Thank you SJ. I think I spent four Sundays afternoons and some more hours in between to finish all. Four Sundays without wargaming!
      Now that I finished I don't know if I should finish my Warmaster Orc army with only six blisters to go, or start a new project of WWII in 10mm...

  2. Great job and definitely good reference material if I ever get my hands on a copy of this game!

    I would suggest Warmaster Orcs - from a purely selfish point of view! I recently picked up a load of Orcs, wolfriders, trolls, etc and would love to see your take on them :)

    1. Thank you Thantsants!
      I was going to paint my Orcs and I probably will though I'm getting distracted with my DBA Celtiberian army which also needs to get finished :)
      You can see most of my Orc army already painted in my 10mm gallery (scroll down).