BOFA. Men of the Lake.

Here there are the men of the lake. Next week I will paint all the command units for Dwarves, Men and Goblins and I will be finished with this little project!
The painting recipe is the same as with the Dwarves. White priming, flat colours, black wash and high lights with the same previous colours. It took me one hour per stand which for me is very fast speed painting :)

Aquí están los hombres del lago. La próxima semana pintaré los mandos de los enanos, hombres y gobolins y con eso habré terminado mi pequeño proyecto.
La receta de pintado es la misma que la de los enanos. Imprimación blanca, colores base, lavado en negro y luces con los mismos colores base. Me llevó una hora cada peana, lo que para mí es pintar rapidísimo :)

 A closer view of the units.
Un plano más corto de las unidades.

A scale comparison with Warmaster figures
Una comparación de escala con las de Warmaster


  1. What lovely minis - never seen close-ups of these guys.

    Your brush work certainly shows them off at their best too.

    1. The minis are very sharp and a joy to paint. Thank you!

  2. Fantastic results again - well done! :)