Altengard invades Capalan.

I have joined a multi-player campaign using the rules Rally Round the King of Two Hour Wargames. The full campaign is being developed in the blog Talomir Tales where you can find everything about it. In my blog I will only publish the battles in which my nation, Altengard, is involved.
Below you can see my first turn in the campaign, invading a neighbour nation.


  1. Muy chulos.
    Sí señor, el RrtK es un juego al que no he hecho mcho caso, pero si sigues colgado AAR tan vistosos como esté ¿quien sabe si en breve me animo y le meto mano?...

  2. RRtK está bastante bien y la verdad es que mientras más lo juego más me gusta porque vas descubriendo las sutilezas que tiene ocultas.

  3. Nice report Javier, I meant to comment yesterday. The Altengard army looks formidable.

  4. Thank you Sean. The Altengard army is pretty robust with its majority of Rep 4 AC4 and I'm feeling very confident after this battle and hope to conquest vast territories. My only worry now is Treyine and its formidable army of archers.