Epic Terminator Titan stomped!

Last Sunday I was painting Epic stuff and I put to dry in the third story balcony the last Termies I dipped to finish the company. When I went to pick them I looked everywhere but I could not find them, then I leaned out of the balcony and saw the stick to where I glued them on the sidewalk; the wind had blown them out of the balcony .

I thought "there they are, I'm coming down right now to fetch them before something else happens to them", and in that very moment a car coming out from the garage run over them. Aieeeeeeeeeee, my termies!

When I got the stick no Termies were still glued to it, so I searched and searched for almost fifteen minutes until I found five of six and then gave up and return to painting. In the end I could recover three of them as one was MIA, another with the legs broken and the last one totally squashed as he failed all his save rolls, LOL!

Thank God I have two spare termies to finish this last one stand; so if nothing else happens, I'll post pictures of the full Terminator company at the end of the week.

Lesson learned: do not put to dry outside light weight plastic soldiers on a windy day.


  1. On the bright side you now have a marker for when terminators get stomped by a mecha (or whatever they are called in 40K).

  2. It's not easy being an Epic Terminator! Great save roll, Blacksmith!

  3. Well, I'm sure they would all have died it they have been tactical marines instead ;-)

  4. last one looks like a dwarf terminator xD

  5. Ahora me pregunto por qué te contesté en inglés xD me confundes jajaja

    PD: soy xlins, y desde tu conciencia te susurro que eches alguna de Warmaster! :P

    1. Tú eres el que me confunde con diferentes nombres, usa sólo uno para todo como hago yo :)
      Warmaster Fantasy lo tengo muy abandonado (va por rachas). Ahora estoy con Epic y luego quiero acabar los Romanos de Baccus y entonces sí Warmaster pero histórico.
      Un saludo,