Laser Squad Nemesis Marines WIP.

Laser Squad Nemesis was a fantastic computer turn-based tactical game developed by the creators of UFO-XCom, now sadly defunct although still played by some die hard players (me among them). The game was great and its community even greater and I played it for several years.

I liked it so much that I thought about doing something similar with miniatures. Here is my first try with the Marines, the race I usually played with. I tried to paint them exactly as they were in the game but I am not convinced with the result, especially with the parts in blue, and I probably end painting them in full white, like the Star Wars's Storm Troopers.

All pics clickable.

From left to right: Grenadier, Commander, Medic, Grunt, Sniper.

I already have miniatures for three of the four species you could find in the game: Marines, Machina, Greys and Spawn (I'm having difficulties to find suitable proxies for the last one).

I also have an unfinished 60 x 60 board, walls, doors and furniture and I even wrote a draft to play it.

By the way, what could I use as proxie for the ammo depot?


  1. I loved all the XCOm games and its the sole reason I have started into 15mm scifi, to capture the game flavours from XCom Defense on the table top.

    I enjoy reading you blog - thanks for your posts.


  2. Although LSN comes from the same people of X-Com it is a completely different game.
    Thanks to you for your kind words, it helps to keep posting!

  3. I was at a game con last week and saw a 28mm tank trap that looked very much like your ammo depot. about 3cm tall. I think it was made by the same company that makes resin wolves for GW Space Wolves to ride.


  4. Hey Harry thanks for the info but I don't know who makes those wolves. Can anyone tell me or give a link?

  5. http://www.mrdandy.com/wargamma-tank-traps/

  6. Thank you Jacko!
    I'm afraid that tank trap is not exactly what I need. I have to keep looking.

  7. En qué proyectos te metes Blacky.
    Ale ánimo, a ver si acabas alguno, que todavía estoy esperando a ver si Einar se hace con el castillo o qué :)
    Como siempre, tu proyecto muy interesante

  8. Casualmente el castillo lo monté ayer :) Ahora, es ridículamente pequeño, pero bueno. La semana que viene verás el informe del último capítulo de la saga de Einar. Finalmente!

  9. Haha, lovely! Always good to see a Gollop fan. Ever played the original Laser Squad?

  10. I thihk so. did you play LSN? If so what was your nick name? Mine was LaserBurn from the 8 bits :)