Battle at the Ford

This Sunday we played our first game of 2012 and second of SAGA with 6 points armies. Me with Vikings and my buddy with his Foundry Vikings as Anglo Danish in the upper part of the river. We both got victory points per warriors crossing the fords to the other side of the river in seven turns.

The big six sided die is marking the turn number two, and we can see how the forces are approaching to the fords.

On turn three the Danes tried to pass through the right ford but they were rejected by my Vikings though they ended very tired due to the melee and the Danish exhaustion order.

On turn fourth I tried to charge through the left ford but the enemy used my fatigue marker to shorten my moving distance, stopping me before the clash.

On the following turns the Dane Huscarls charged my Hirdmen in the ford and died all my eight men and six of his!; whereas in the right ford his leader charged side by side with his two handed axemen unit and slaughtered my unit of bondi.

My bondi on the left tried to hold the ford but in the last turn they were massacred and the Danes got pass with a second activation. On the right ford it only remained my heroic leader and one following bondi holding the ford, and the Dane leader and half of his ceorls with all the huscarls dead, after both leader being fighting for three consecutive turns.

My opponent managed to squeeze five victory points in the very last turn of the game.

I am liking more and more this game as it is fast, different and very violent. My only minor complaint is that the first game and this second one were too similar and a bit boring as they were just a straight clash of warbands. I hope following scenarios will be more asymmetrical and in case not I will have to look for new scenarios somewhere else. I think Warhammer historical Shieldwall book had a few...


  1. Great stuff, i have my Viking warband now, and will start painting soon.


  2. Nice! I also enjoy quick smash and bash games.

  3. Very good! I just can't start another period though - doh!

  4. thanks for the kind comments.
    Monty, the good thing about SAGA is that you only need 30 figures to start playing :)