Some old pictures of my father as a military man.

Recently I discovered some old pictures of my father as military man, and have decided to scanner and post them in my blog. My father (1914-2002) who retired with the rank of colonel of Infantería de Marina (Marine Corps?), fought in the Spanish Civil War as well as in Africa. He told me some stories about him during the Civil War that seem to be taken from a movie.

The following pictures were probably taken during the Ifni-Sahara campaign, as I remember him showing me his medal for that campaign. Regretfully, after my father's death one of my elder brothers gave all his medals to an acquaintance of him without asking me first if I was interested in them. Now I am trying to get them back as well as his sabre, who owns it another person.

As usual all the pictures are clickable.

My father is the first on the right, in white shorts.

Driving a jeep. Here you can see the major's eight points star on his chest.

And here with some officers. He is the first on the right and holding a cheetah.

Inspecting the Moorish troops

I do not know where he was or what he was doing but it smells like adventure.

The picture below was taken in the old part of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria city, where my father met my mother and married her, and where I was born and still live. He is leading the parade.

The same parade from another perspective


  1. Brilliant photos. It is always great to see history that connects to people that you know.

  2. Excellent! You certainly should put more up if you have them. :)

  3. Thanks gents. I have a few more pics but they're very similar to these ones and of poorer quality. Anyway, I'll check and put some more if there is interest.

  4. Thanks for sharing, these kind of photos are especially nice when they are so close to home.

  5. Great pictures. It's important to honour our ancestors.

  6. Mooola!

    Ese traje de buzo es genial, y la foto del guepardo también.

    Ale, ale a fardar de padre ;)