Blacksmith, Star Army Sergeant.

Gaea Prime dominance, Third Ring, planet Aesir. Its planetary colony has rebelled and proclaimed independent. The planetary Defence Force has been unable to restore order and the Star Army has been called to suppress the rebellion and purge the planet.

The Army has just arrived and the situation is so chaotic that Intel is nonexistent. A SA squad under Sgt. Blacksmith has been sent on patrol near one of the insurgents areas.
Star Army controlled planet.

Star Army Investment Level is 5. Rebel IL is 2.

Patrol on daylight and weather conditions OK.

Successful aerial reconnaissance.

Intel Level 4 but Bad Pre-Mission Intel. Uh, oh. This is no good.

Insertion by walking.

Blacksmith's squad:

Sgt. Blacksmith, Star, Rep 5, HB armour, Rapid-Fire Laser Rifle (ME!).
Assistant Squad Leader, Rep 5, HB, grenade launcher. 5 troopers Rep 4, HB, Laser Rifle.

Mission: Patrol with Rebels attacking.

Ruleset: 5150:SA by Two Hour Wargames.
Miniatures: Old 15 mm. Laserburn sci-fi range.
All pictures are clickable.

TURN 1. SA2/R2

Doubles, and lower than enemy's Intel Level. Random Event! but I ignored it as there is nobody on the board yet.

TURN 2. SA2/R3

Rebel PEFs activated before SA squad. The three PEFs advanced 16" towards the enemy. As there was nobody yet, I decided to move the PEFs towards the SA entry area but without entering them into it, so they got pretty close to the SA squad entry point.
Blacksmith's squad entered on sector 9, rushed into a big building in front of them and then spotted the three enemy PEFs at the same time!

Although there was Bad Intel, there weren't bad surprises. Moreover, the first PEF turned into nothing, but the other two resulted to be two full squads in defensive position. The closer Rebel squad (all Rep 5 except the one with the SAW, the rest wearing Assault Rifles) took the In Sight Test first, opened fire and made one Obviously Dead, one Out Of Fight, 2 Stun and three Outgunned and Duck Back (AR rate of fire outguns Laser Rifle!) OUCH!

TURN 3. SA2/R2
Doubles again, and this time a sniper shot the Assistant Squad Leader who was already Duck Back, and missed him.

TURN 4. SA6/R3

Star Army squad did not activate as their higher Rep was 5. Now Rebels activated and, as they were attacking and started the turn within 12" of the enemy, they charged them. Blacksmith's men could fire at the Rebels while charging, but they couldn't because they were wounded, stun or taking cover. Nonetheless, they managed to kill two rebels when they finally rushed into the house. After that, there was the melee. It was five Rebels against 3 remaining SA troopers. The Rebels score four dice more than their enemy, so all of them resulted OOF. But as Blacksmith was a Star, he could shrug it off.

TURN 5. SA4/R3
There could be reinforcements on the SA side, but as the game was practically over I decided not to roll for it. Blacksmith was the only survivor of the patrol and was locked in melee with a Rebel squad, so he broke off and was shot in the back when he run towards his base. Thanks to he activated first, he managed to move out from the game board with Fast Movement and two Stun results, which were saved by his Star Power.

Game Over. Mission was a total failure. Blacksmith is the only survivor, with a -1 Fame Point.
Next mission will be defend with a new full squad.


  1. Sounds great Blacksmith! I shall be getting these rules soon, to hopefully use for some 'Falling Skies' type scenarios etc... I look forward to more of your great AARs too, mate.

  2. Just got 5150:SA but haven't read it yet. Surely seems to be an enjoyable game!

    How does its gameplay compare to 5150? Improved?


  3. Wow - vicious, thanks for the report though :D

  4. @Mahon, yes improved...and a bit different as well.

    Thanks for the compliments guys :)

  5. Great news. I have to read the book and test it in a free moment. Good job on the second batrep, too! Thanks for sharing.