Warlands WIP

About a month ago I played a short test game of Warlands and I liked it. As I already owned many 15 mm. miniatures and vehicles, I decided to play it in that scale. Now, here are some pics of my basic force that I just finished painting.
I hope to play more seriously next weekend, and possibly publish a battle report of it.

All the pictures are clickable.

Sharp, cutie and cheap models from Old Crow. The extra weapons are from Laserburn miniatures
Old, metal and very heavy vehicles from the HOF range of 15mm.co.uk. The commander is a Laserburn miniature
Five bikes from the Laserburn range
Group shot


  1. Those bikes look great! I think I am a _little_ too young to remember Laserburn. Another set of figs for the wishlist...

  2. Laserburn comes from the eighties. It's some sort of antecesor of Rogue Trader, but the figures can still be bought at 15mm.co.uk
    Thanks for the compliments Steve :)

  3. I really like those. Especially the bikes!

    1. They can be bought from 15mm.co.uk in their Laserburn range