Noxii noon

After his glorious debut and winning a Corona, the crowd demands the appearance of Spartacus in the arena. Batiatus, seeing an opportunity to regain his fortune, but not wishing to risk Spartacus unnecessarily, lends him for the execution of some prisoners of war.

Spartacus demands to fight against two at the same time and Batiatus accepts on the condition he will forget his origins and embrace the Roman culture. To seal this agreement he is confronted against two of his country men, two captured Thracians.

To the left Spartacus and to the right the Thracians (groan)
Spartacus is still Rep 5. Both Thracians are Rep 4, unarmoured and one equipped with a two handed axe and another with a throwing spear, dagger and small shield. Their names Axe and Spear.

Once in range Spear throws his throwing spear and naturally misses ;-) After that Axe charges into melee, wins and hits Spartacus in the Upper Left Leg. Spartacus is wounded and burns 2d6 more.
Now Spear draws his dagger while Axe attacks again, this time hitting Spartacus' Upper Right Leg. He receives no serious damage but is forced to give ground. Spartacus then returns the blow but it is parried.

Axe keeps the pressure and trespasses Spartacus' defence once again, cutting his belly superficially and making him to give more ground and burn another extra d6. After that, Spear joins the melee and impacts with his dagger Spartacus' Lower Left Leg without further effect. Spartacus pauses to catch his breath.
Now Spartacus fights against two opponents at the same time and cannot avoid being hit twice in his Left Arm and Lower Left Leg by his enemies. Fortunately his armour resists both strikes and he manages not to fall to the ground. It seems Gods do not favour Spartacus today.
Spartacus desperately catches his breath again and then receives Spear's charge, wounding him in his Upper Left Leg. Spear falls to the ground face down and Spartacus jumps on him striking deep and killing him outright!
Axe watches it while he catches some breath.
Spartacus catches his breath again and signals Axe that he's waiting for him. Axe charges but he's parried. Now Spartacus slices through unarmoured Axe's Upper Left Leg, who falls to the ground and is spent out of dice. He is instantly finished off. The crowd cheers and roars.

- I am Spartacus!!
Although Spartacus had higher Rep he missed almost all his melee rounds and it was only his better armour which prevented him from certain death. Even so, he was injured and must rest for a month at least before entering the arena again.
For this combat Spartacus has gained eight Advance points, which added to those from the previous encounter makes a total of thirteen AP. He needs 24 AP to raise his Rep to six.


  1. Jeje, muy buena tu adaptación... ;-)

  2. Really nice reports on Spartacus' fights! A very enjoyable read.

  3. Thanks Chris. I expect to post a new fight soon as I'm enjoying them a lot :)