More Warmaster figures on individual bases

I bought this blister on ebay for 0.99 GBP and it comes with 24 individual 10 mm. figures and 12 different poses! This skirmish blister is great to get figures for your skirmish games in 10mm. Warmaster range has another one with dwarves; a pity GW didn't make skirmishers for the rest of the races.
In these two pictures you can see the twelve different poses. As you can see, very dynamic to be 10 mm. and with an unbeatable quality in sculpting and casting.
Click on the pictures for a larger version.


  1. You really make me wish I had started playing WHAA in 10mm. Those look brilliant.

  2. Thanks Ruarigh. I found these minis are very easy to paint, much easier than 15mm. Actually, the smaller the easier to paint IMHO.

  3. Enzedmaster from TMP here. They do look very nice I will definetly pick some up!