Pendraken Painting Competition 2012!

I just finished painting these ten Orcs for the Pendraken Competition of 2012. I love these little critters as they have a lot of character and the look I have always thought Orcs should have. They remind me of those GW's Orcs from the eighties.
They are on individual bases instead of a big one forming a diorama, because I want them for my 10 mm skirmishes.

All pictures are clickable.

Apart from these Orcs I have also presented some other models for the Comp but I do not expect to win in any of the categories as the level of past year was already too high and I am sure this year will be even higher.

The Comp has been an excellent excuse to finish these tiny Orcs who have been waiting in the painting queue for two years. Visit the forum of Pendraken and do not let pass the occasion to see some great painting on such tiny miniatures. Good luck to all the participants!


  1. Great work on those little guys! I like the contrasts, which is so important in small scales. Just right.

  2. Excellent painting and basing.

  3. You're completely right. Although a bit strong, those contrasts blend from distance.
    Thank you

  4. Great work there. Great bases and a variation in colours.

    I'm also using the competition to motivate me to finishing some figures for my Pendraken dungeon setup. Don't expect to win anything, but that's not really the point :-) Good Luck

  5. Exactly arabianknight! The comp is perfect as a motivator. Thank you and good luck to you too!

  6. 10mm? You've done a great job with them here, excellent work, kudos!

  7. Thank you gents!
    I just saw an entry of a awesome band of Dwarfs and realized I won't win any prize, but at least I got my minis painted! :)

  8. Replies
    1. Thank you Mats. A pity you're not from the jury! :)