Trial of Trolls

After finishing the Orc Shaman, Juggo says to Sven he won't follow him until he hunts and slays a Troll so he can be known as Juggo the Troll slayer. Seeing all his expedition is in danger Sven accepts and they head to Troll country.

As soon as they arrive to the Troll's territory, they spot a cottage surrounded by crops and about to be attacked by some Trolls coming down from the hills.

In this campaign I have been using different rulesets and also tinkering with one of my own, but for this encounter I'm using Warrior Heroes - Legends from Two Hour Wargames as I'm updating the rules for a new release.

So our heroes arrive at the scene in the middle of the board, with Bubba scouting ahead of the columns. They instantly see three Trolls, one at the farm and two more coming close from the forest on the hills.

- Quick, get in the house! Falbalá with her magic and Dad with his axe will take care of the monsters.


Dwarves activate first. Juggo charges madly at the closer Troll and is followed by Grom and Sven in support. Bubba and Snorri (and another Dwarf with a hammer who shouldn't be here, doh!) run towards the farm through the wooden bridge. Falbalá casts a Damage spell on the creature but it Duck Backs behind the bushes.

Now it is Troll's activation and they charge the Dwarves.

Grom doesn't realize the Troll is bigger than him.

And then it is too late.

There are doubles in the activation and a Ranger shows up to help the good guys. Sven charges the Troll who killed Grom whereas Juggo faces its leader, a Rep 6, AC 4, Resilient Troll with a two handed weapon.

Near the farm Finbull finally puts down the third Troll with an accurate bolt of his crossbow from the other side of the river.

Sven manages to put out of fight a second Troll by making an extraordinaire effort (he is a Star), but the leader of the Trolls was too much for Juggo.

Sven and the Ranger join to finish it.

But once again it wins and the Ranger is down. Now is all on Sven.

After three consecutive rounds of melee Sven makes the Troll to run away. It couldn't be killed but it won't be back in a long time.

Falbalá is a the daughter of the farmer and she was visiting her parents during a break from her studies at a school of Wizards in a nearby city. She is a Caster, and she tried to damage the Troll who was attacking her parent's farm, but she failed and needed Finbull's bolts to kill the beast.

Well, melee in WHL resulted to be really deadly, especially against that Troll with Rep 6. Now I need to think what to do with Juggo and Grom as they are Obviously Dead.


Three Trolls

I bought and painted two of the Trolls about twenty years ago and I always thought that I needed the third one to finish the unit. So last year I bought the one in the middle and now I have painted it.

I tried to paint it like the other two but I didn't remember what paints I used back in the day. So I used similar colours and same technique (heavy dry brush) plus gloss varnish on top to simulate dampness.

The Troll came with a thick coat of paint and when I removed it I saw that it has got some sort of rusty and grainy cover which had eaten some details. So in the end it hasn't been a good paint job, but I'm happy as I finally have the unit completed after so many years!


The Big Hurt. Bring'em back alive. 01

"The Big Hurt (TBH) is a 2-part scenario book for NUTS! that takes place in the Hϋrtgen Forest in Germany from mid- September 1944 to February 1945.


September 17th, 1944 - Near Rotgen, Germany


The German main line of resistance is a few miles away, deep in the Hϋrtgen Forest. However, they still seem to have outposts and patrols far forwards of their fortified positions. While the Brits dally up north in the Low Countries, we Americans face the Hun on his own turf, the soil of Germany! You can bet he’ll be putting up a stiff fight for every inch of it too…

Earlier today we sent out several small patrols into the forest’s edge to the east of us. One of them was ambushed, and 4 out of the 6 men were killed. A wounded survivor returned a few minutes ago, and said that the Lieutenant leading the patrol was hit badly. As the survivor is a little guy, he had to hide the LT in a hollow tree at the bend of a creek. He then distracted the Jerry’s away from the spot. We’ve got to get the LT back, alive! Hopefully he’s still there."

So I created a full squad with an NCO Rep 5 Born Leader and Tough, Jr NCO Rep 5 Resilient, BAR and assistant Rep 5, grunt with rifle and grenade launcher Rep 5, three riflemen Rep 4 and four riflemen Rep 3. I deployed the squad split in two sections. One lead by the NCO with the BAR, 3 Rep 4 and 1 Rep 3 riflemen, and another lead by Jr. NCO, grunt with grenade launcher, 1 Rep 4 and 3 Rep 3 riflemen.

TURN 1. US 3 - G 5.

German did not activate and I moved my squad through the forest as fast as I could.

TURN 2. US 5 - G 2.

Germans received half squad as reinforcements from their border of the table. My squad reached the border of the forest and stopped there in the hope that a German PEF would activate and come out from the forest, but they didn't move.

TURN 3. US 4 - G6.

As German didn't activate, I decided to cross the firebreak and engage the first PEF, but it was a false alarm. Then I realized that the second PEF was now within line of sight (12") and it turned into half squad. I won the Reaction Test and killed the German NCO. The rest of the squad Ducked back but held fast. I kept the other half of my squad in reserve to give me firing cover when I moved back with the lieutenant, but that proved to be a fatal mistake.

TURN 4. US 5 - G 4.

All Germans were prone so one of my riflemen crossed the river and reached the wounded lieutenant. Then the German activated and popped up. In the shootout the BAR was wounded and one riflemen killed and only one German soldier was down. Both groups carried on. The German reinforcements (out of the picture) were closing fast.

TURN 5. US 1 - G 2.

Germans moved first and the reinforcement section arrived and wounded another man from my section, and also killed the soldier who crossed the river to rescue the lieutenant. Then, in my turn, I finally advanced with the rest of my squad but the Germans fought fiercely and managed to kill two men of the second section! Luckily, all my troops held their ground whereas the Germans couldn't take it and left the battlefield; so I could rescue the lieutenant and retrieve all of my wounded men. The price was too high for the life of just one man; I hope he deserves it.


Happy New Year!

I've just finished these two Italeri fast assembly M3 US halftracks before 2020 ends. With these two finished I can finally start to play a Nuts! campaign.

I've only been able to play four games with a friend in this sad year, but more than 20 solo. I hope 2021 will give me more games with friends and I wish you the same for all of you.

Happy New Year!


Italeri American GI

So I slowly started to paint again.

This is the second squad I paint from this set. You can have three groups like this out of the box.

Painting is healing.


My best friend has passed away.

He was found this morning in his bed with the lamp on. He died at 54 while he was reading a book.

We first met in primary school and we instantly became friends. We had the same interests in books, movies and games. We imagined and drew dungeons and big battles before we even knew about wargames.

We met cigarettes, alcohol, parties and girls together for the first time. We also started playing wargames together in the late seventies and early eighties when nobody else in Spain was doing it yet. We discovered together D&D, Laserburn, Warhammer first edition and Rogue Trade, but also WRG Napoleonics, DBM and DBA, as well as all Avalon Games and many many more games. Most games you can see in this blog I played with him.

He has been present in all important events of my life almost since the beginning. He was the friend who I could talk about comics, books, games, music, video games, wargames and about my private life for hours and hours. 

I saw him the same day he died. I visited him to pick up some wargames stuff he had ordered for me and we chatted a bit and made plans to meet next Saturday at his house for a game of Oathmark. We have been friends and been wargaming for almost forty years and I always thought that we would be playing for forty more, but now he's gone and I feel alone and with less will to live. We had so many projects to do and so many games to play.

What am I going to do now Paco? I miss you so much already buddy!


Welcome to Calf Creek. A Five Leagues short campaign.

After so many sci-fi games I wanted something radically different, so I decided to try Five Leagues from the Borderlands 2nd Edition from Nordic Weasel Games. 

This rulebook lets you play dark Fantasy setting solo campaigns with a group of eight or so adventures, in a somehow similar style to what it was Mordheim.

The game has two main parts, the combat and the non-combat part, which is the creation of your warband and its progression through the campaign, helped by the many detailed charts so characteristic from Nordic Weasel games.

So our story starts when our group of adventurers found out as soon as they disembarked that there was a small village on the highest mountains in the centre of the island called having mysterious and terrible encounters.

Calf Creek is a village with independent and fierce men famous for the honey the collect from the wild bees in the mountains as well as for their beautiful almond tree copses. But they are also known by the coal they made by burning pine trees and then sell down in the coast. They also have a numerous and varied life-stock from where they get meat, milk, wool and leather.

After hearing about these people in trouble, the group decided to walk up to the village and offer their services. The group is all formed by proud warriors of the same tribe. Their leader is Tigor, (my Avatar) which means leading light. He is good at scouting and scrounging and carries a good sword plus a decent armor, shield and helmet. His second in command is skinny Bruco (the Retainer), a fast fighter armed with a fearsome two handed hammer (+1 vs armor & Tough). Then there were two powerful warriors, (Heroes) Orone the conqueror, an archer who had made a secret pact with some old gods nobody knew about except him (-1 to be hit by archery), and Ancor whose name means brave warrior and who's carrying a fence sword and dagger.

There were also two respected followers in group: Afur the thief, a gambler armed with a dagger and Arguin (calmed waters) with bow and dagger.

After two days of walking towards the top of the central mountains and right before they reached the village, they had an encounter with an errand and cursed knight (a personality) who had made a pact to keep his fallen followers to carry and protect all his treasures (Grave Walkers from the Dark Secrets).

Although the light was already dying Tigor could observe with greed the fine sword and armor the knight was carrying, so he took his best men, Bruco and Ancor to get him while the rest distracted his followers. But first they had to pass across them. Surprisingly, Arguin wounded one of them with an arrow.

Only after the first combat exchanges I realized how incredible tough the Walkers were and also that they couldn't be stunned. 
Seeing another Walker was closing from the ruined house (it was supposed to be a tower) I sent Afur to help them, leaving my two archers on their own.
During the melee Tigor could parry several strikes from his opponent but his shield resulted damaged after that and in the end he resulted wounded, but it was just a scratch (he used 1 point of Will to shake-off the wound).

In the second turn Afur spent all his arrows. And then in the third turn it happened the same to Orone, who hadn't even hit anybody yet. A 5+ with 1D6 is usually needed to hit somebody, but Orone even failed at close range! (3+ to hit).

After that, Ancor could eliminate one of the Walkers with one accurate thrust, but at the same time Bruco and Afur fell down wounded.

Sensing the enemy was too powerful to defeat them, our intrepid warriors wisely decided to run for the hills and live to fight another day.

Well, the game lasted around 15 minutes and it wasn't very tactical as Undead move in the last place, and don't take into account cover or morale considerations. Also, I lost miserably as this was my first game and the Grave Walkers were more, better and tougher fighters than my men. I couldn't even get close to the knight to kill and loot him.

Talking about loot, as I lost the encounter I couldn't do one of the most fun things in any game which is looting!
So yes, the encounter was a bit disappointing, but the creation of the warband as well as all the little details the game has about places, plots and characters, was so good that it has kept me totally involved about my group of troubled warriors.

Thus, after fleeing from the field of battle my warriors finally reached their destination, Calf Creek. There I decided to stay for two days as Bruco was seriously wounded and needed some medical attention. During that time Afur also fully recovered from his light wounds. Tigor had to pay 5 GC for the lodging those two nights, but he felt his men badly needed some time to gather themselves.

Tigor also tried to use some money to recruit a few followers but failed (Carouse). However, he met an old companion of adventures in the tavern (I spent 1 story point), a woman called Inopona, a scrappy survivor (I spent another story point to roll in the Unusual Backgrounds) who gladly joined Tigor's group.

That night in the tavern they decided they would go on adventure early in the morning. But that is another story ;-)