Chaos hero on horse

I had this fellow from long ago, with the idea of painting it someday to be the general of my Chaos army, so now with the TOW hype I finally did it. 

I am not happy with the final result but it is done. I mean, it is not bad but neither good. Maybe painting 1/72 scale for much time has spoilt a bit my already average level painting skills.


Anyway, I always thought the pose of both rider and horse had a close resemblance to the Death Dealer picture by the master Frank Frazetta. What do you think?

Below you have two more pictures to let you see the special cloak made of defeated armies this character is wearing: Bretonnia, Empire, Dark Elves and Orks.


Prepping 1/72 soft plastic figures for painting

From time to time there is always somebody who asks what is the best method to prepare soft plastic figures to prevent chipping. I remember my first times painting these bendy figures without any information, and how frustrating it was to see how the paint flake off the miniatures after a while, so I decided to publish the way it works for me after much experimenting. I hope someone may find it helpful.

First of all, rinse with dish soap and warm water and the help of an old toothbrush.

Once dry, use a primer with a brush. I am using Vallejo acrylic-polyutrethane Surface Primer for aerograph, but with just a brush and the same results. Many spray primers have chemicals that do not go well with soft plastics. This method of priming with a brush was recommended by Reaper miniatures to use on his Bones soft plastic range and it really works.

Optionally, you can reinforce bendy parts like a spear with PVA or white glue.

It is a good idea to give several coats of diluted acrilyc paints to the figures. Acrylic is more flexible than oil paints, and several diluted coats are more elastic and resistant than one thick coat of paint. Speaking of which, new contrast or Xpress paints work really well with soft plastic as they are thin and very flexible. I'm attaching a video I made for you to see how flexible are the new paints (the spears were painted with Vallejo Xpress). Also, at the back you can see the primer I'm using. It is sold in white, grey and black colour.


I'm giving two coats of varnish to all my miniatures, be soft or hard plastic or even metal. Glossy is harder than matte, so I give first a gloss coat and then a second matte coat at the next day as I don't like my miniatures to be bright.



The Old World

It finally happened and although I said no many times, here I am painting old figures for new games.

I have painted this unit in a hurry, but only the 16 plastic ones; the champion in metal was already painted long ago, as it was the Gamezone sorcerer.

I am not rebasing anything; just using adapted trays.

I am going to try this whole unit plus the sorcerer with the mark of Tzeentch  as see how it goes.



These zombies are from the Caesar's Undead Camp Zombies box, one of each pose except one crawling. The woman with the sword carried two swords but I thought it needed too much co-ordination for a zombie so I cut out one of them. Actually, I cut off the other hand's sword with another model and then I got two different zombies.

They are painted with basic paint coat and wash, and they are going to be the last 1/72 minis I paint for a while as I'm getting again into 28mm. I'm ordering several boxes from Perry's to play Death in the Dark Continent and Bolt Action.

The figures are a bit crude and rather soft and bendy but they will do for zombies.


UN troops

I've painted some UN troops to game in Africa with the same box of figures I used for my mercs, the Esci NATO troops.

They are painted like previous ones with just block paint and wash, but I think this time they are a little less dirty and with some extra lights that I did by wiping excess of wash with a clean wet brush. I think their uniforms are good, and although the blue on helmets and berets should be lighter, I'm happy how they turned out in the end.


Happy New Year fellow wargamers!

Taking advantage of Xmas holidays I've hastily painted one pose of each Ranger from this Dark Alliance box. I've painted them as latest ones, just block paint and wash except the wolf fur on the captain. The white parts you can see is from paint off by me grazing the miniatures with my fingers.

Happy New Year!


More Mercs

Here it is the final batch of mercs. I painted these ones exclusively giving them a base colour coat and then a wash with no lights at all except for the soil of the base and the metallic shine in the guns.

They would be better with some lights on berets and helmets as well as on flesh, but I wanted them just after the wash and varnish to compare them with highlighted ones.

I think they turned out quite good but I fell I can still improve results as I was trying right proportions in the mixture. Rougly, I used 3/5 parts of Mercadona floor wax and 2/5 of acrylic Betumen of Judea. I also used lighter colours on the figures to prevent too much darkening from the wash. 

I used to wash directly with Mercadona wax and ink, but the mixture got to watery and run so fast on the figure that some details weren't properly covered by the wash. However, now the Betumen of Judea is so thick that allows the wash to work similarly to the oil versions, and it gets a better coverage and result.

I am still struggling with the right proportion and you can see below the difference in the top left and right figures with the two ones in the middle who are lighter or cleaner.

This picture is to show you the difference between wash and no lights at all (left) and wash and lights (right). The details in the figure are so thin and small that I cannot highlight them properly so they get better without lights IMHO, and get done in half the time! Plus the miniature gets a hard protective cover from the wax, so it is a win win situation.

If you observe the webbing in both figures below, you will understand what I am saying.

Here is another example.

This technique is fast and it gets good results, but I suspect it works better for WWII than for Fantasy or Sci-Fi if you want brighter colours.