Back to painting

Well, with this last hand operated (first it was my right hand) and healing well I finally went back to painting.

Here you can see a company of Baneblades for my Imperial Guard army. I was playing with different pigments but the sprayed varnish ate most of them. Next time I will remember to seal them before varnishing :)

A Bombard support detachment 

A Commissar and his Rhino

A Manticore Rocket Battery detachment (excuse the poor pictures)

Adeptus Mechanicus. The priests are clones made with Oyumaru and green stuff


Adeptus Mechanicus Crusaders and Hydras AA for Epic

Well, here you have my next batch of painted figures for the Adeptus Mechanicus army I am slowly painting. I happy how the knights have turned up. They are part of the support of my painted Knight Paladin company.



Kill markings in the Quake Cannons

Resin Hydra AA from Forge World. All my Imperial tank are going to be painted in that scheme.

 I put numbers in the turrets so I can identify their leader
 Shot with infantry to see the scale


My entry for Pendraken painting contest.

I know I will not win in the vehicles category as there are already some great entries but I had these cats around and I decided to paint them for fun. They turned out a bit dirty because I painted them as if they were of a bigger scale.
I ordered some decals but as they did not arrive on time I tried to paint signs and numbers on the panther, and after seeing the results I quit and did not paint them on the rest.
Also there was the first time I used pigments and although it was fun experimenting with them I did not get the results I expected. Next time :)


Epìc Knight Paladin House-hold

This is my first knight company for my Adeptus Mechanicus army for NetEpic. I love these figures.


And here you can see what I got so far: 1 Warlord, 1 Reaver (I have two more in the painting queue), 2 Warhounds, 7 Knight Paladin (I have 3 Castellan, 3 Errant and 1 Baron in the painting queue as well) and one Tech-Guard Company.


Warlord Titan Mk II.

I have finally painted this beauty, a Warlord Titan Mk II that has been waiting for almost twenty years to be painted. My mediocre painting skills do not make  justice to this behemoth, but the important point is that it is finally painted and ready to hunt down some Ork Gargants. Now I must find a suitable name for it...in Latin of course!


¡All Things Zombie Final Fade Out en español!

Two Hour Wargames acaba de lanzar el proyecto de All Things Zombie - Final Fade Out para ser traducido y publicado al español.
ATZ es EL juego de zombis por excelencia y por fin tenemos la posibilidad de disfrutarlo en nuestra lengua.
Es una oportunidad que no debemos dejar escapar.
Debajo tienen el link para ver el proyecto en Kickstarter y apoyarlo:


Zhuh-Zhuhs II

More monkey boys for 5150. These will be the last painted figures in the next two months as this morning my right hand was operated on, and once I recover from this I will be operated on my left hand!

Some more pilots.

 A couple of mughees.

Group shot. I still have to paint two more mughees but that will have to be next year :(

And here we have the first war android the Basics built. The Homus Mechanicus, or Symon predecessor. This is my first OSL so bear with me.