The battle of the High Vale Plains

After resting and bringing reinforcements, Einar is ready to come out and fight the Orcs of Naz-Goth again. So when news arrived of a new Orc army heading his capital, he rushed to face them at the right place. He wanted them in the plains of High Vale so he could use his new cavalry, and as the Orcs were happy with that, the battle was joined.

I deployed Einar's army first with him and his unit of Huscarls in the centre, and archers and cavalry on both flanks. Then I rolled to see which kind of deployment the Orcs were going to do. They got "Hammer and Anvil - One wing is oversize while the other is weak. Advance the center and one oversized wing to a crush the enemy force between the two. The other wing is lightly held and used to protect the center from being encircled." So on the Orc's right flank (deployed at the top) they had a unit of Black Moon Orcs Rep 5 AC 4 with the general in it plus all their cavalry except one unit of archers held in reserve. Then they have a mass of Orcs Rep 4, AC 3 and finally on their left flank a big unit of Goblins from Zog-Rot who joined the Orcs for the spoils.  

Turn 1. Einar 4 - Orcs 5. Only the right wing of Orcs activated and advanced. Then, Einar's army moved forward in one block, except a cavalry unit on the left who charged down from the hill, hitting into a unit of Orc's cavalry.

Einar's knights clashing against Orc riders.

Turn 2. Einar 3 - Orcs 6. The Orcs froze and Einar took the initiative. The cavalry on the left side charged to Goblin archers and although they shoot at them, they didn't hit any and were massacred in the ensuing melee.

On the right wing the cavalry was still engaged but the archer on the hill shot the other unit and killed one rider. Then the Fyrd charged the Orcs but they were bounced by the Orc general and his unit of Black Moon Orcs.

 Turn 3. Einar 6 - Orcs 2. The Orcs finally reacted and the Black ones exterminated one Fyrd unit.

But in the centre things weren't so good with one unit of Orcs just leaving the fight...

...and then the enemy's cavalry on the left finishing all the Goblin archers.

Turn 4. Einar 2 - Orcs 2. Confusion! Doubles in activation means you roll again the play next turn with your army moving as per NPC tables.

Turn 5. Einar 2 - Orcs 1. Einar's army moved first but according to the NPC charts. Luckily, they all moved correctly and did the right thing. The Fyrd on their right flanked the Orcs and the cavalry charged their rear and thus, all the Orcs in the centre were eliminated.

The only survivors were half of the Black Moon Orcs with his general and a few riders. They fled together with the other cavalry unit that was held in reserve and never arrived. It was a total victory to Einar and now he would be marching directly into Orc territory!


Dark Alliance Half-Orcs Set 2.

As you can see, very dynamic poses and very accurate to the film as well. I chose to paint them as fast as I could, so I sprayed black coat and then drybrushed the whole miniature. Then I painted the flesh and the white hands and voilá, done.


Nuts! Banging away.

Yesterday we played the 16th scenario from the Nuts! supplement from Two Hour Wargames The Big Hurt which takes place in the Hürtgen Forest, on November 6th, 1944, Kommerscheidt, Germany.

The Americans with one full infantry squad and three Shermans M4 must prevent German forces with two infantry squads, three Pz IV J and one Panther putting one tank in the yellow dot you can see in the picture below, where the Americans deploy, before turn 10. Both sides can have reinforcements.

Americans start on bottom left corner and Germans on top right corner. The two yellowy counters are German PEFs representing the two infantry squads.

One of the Shermans started in sight of the panzer IV on the road. Germans won activation, fired, hit and destroyed the Sherman (Shermans and their crews were worse than Germans'). Then, on the Americans activation the M10 (proxying as a Sherman 76mm) got hull down behind the wedge, but again the Germans won the In Sight and the same Panzer fired, hit the turret and penetrated it, disabling the tank and forcing the crew to bail out. I should have been more cautious with those Shermans.

My last Sherman was in hull down behind the crest of the hill and partially hidden behind the forest next to the road,  but as soon as another Pz IV got sight of if from the other hill, again he reacted first, fired, hit and destroyed my last tank! Now I only had infantry with one bazooka to stop those panzers.

I sent half of my squad with the NCO jr. and bazooka to the forest and houses in the centre, and the other half with the NCO and the BAR to the forest next to the road. But half of a squad was no match for a full squad of German veterans and most of them fell down in the firefight. The pinned down survivors were then charged and finished in hand-to-hand combat. Ouch!

On the forest on the right things were better as my NCO had Steely Eyes and Rep 5 and could make his section to react first and finish most of the second German squad with the BAR and the SMG. Only two soldiers could escape from the carnage. But then the panzer shot HE and killed half of them so I fell back with the last survivors.

So now I had only half crew of one Sherman ducking back behind their tank and surrounded by enemy infantry and tanks, and my NCO with two grunts taking cover behind the other burning Sherman. My only chance was to hold, hiding and waiting for the cavalry.

More panzers closing down.

Turn 10 and my section was completely surrounded by the Germans who have already taken the objective. I did not receive any reinforcements in the end to there was nothing I could do. German victory.


Dark Alliance Steppes Warriors Set 1

Another great 1/72 plastic set from Dark Alliance miniatures. Actually, the best one so far. The miniatures come with zero flash and are really well sculpted and sharply casted. The set comes with twelve riders with two poses of each, plus some extra bits to add like pouches, quivers and swords. The lances of the knights are very good as well.

They make excellent Rohirrim and although I didn't gave justice with my painting, I think you can appreciate how good they are in the pictures below.

Close shots.

Wargs versus Rohirrim


Orc country

After repelling the incursion of the Orcs, king Einar hastily musters all reachable men and trespasses Orc country to retaliate. Thinking speed and surprise would be more decisive than numbers he didn't rally all his forces, but to his despair he faces a second invading Orc army, and this time he sees something he hasn't met before, cavalry!

The Orcs with their general in the big mob in the centre go down the hills towards king Einar's forces but their Warg Riders decide to stay and wait. Puzzled by their cavalry not supporting them, the Orcs lose their initiative and then Eilif and the Rangers on the left side loose their arrows and kill three Orcs whereas on the opposite side another group of archers kills two more.

Immediately after that, Einar orders general charge.

The Death Dealers (berserkers) and the Rangers make a short work of the Orcs and the four only survivors of two Orc units fall back in panic.

Then Einar with his Huscarls armed with two hand axes,  together with the right wing of his army, charges against the general of the Orcs causing as well too much pain and death. Only one of his units falls back after loosing its leader (the yellow dot).

The archers on the right have now in range the Orc's cavalry and almost exterminate a light unit in one go!

Things are going really good for king Einar and crows will feast on Orcs' flesh this day.

Severely mauled, the Orc general also falls back and the battle is won; but I wanted to try my newly painted cavalry so I decided to play one more turn.

In the next turn, a flanking reinforcement of medium cavalry arrived on the left flank and could charge the rear of a Fyrd that had already suffered several loses, destroying it completely!

Then, the four surviving Orcs reformed into the general's Orc unit that became strong once again.

Moreover, the other unit of medium cavalry finally charged down and killed all the archers on the right flank whereas the only surviving Orc mounted skirmish rallied and started to kill Mirholme warriors from the leaderless unit that had also rallied.

The tide of the battle dramatically changed in one turn and now it was Mirholme who was in peril, but as the forces were still more or less equal and both had taken too many casualties, I decided to end the battle and let both forces retire, calling it a Phyrric victory for Mirholme.

AFter the battle, king Einar realized about the importance of having cavalry, and he decided to send his loyal Ranger to Treyine with a letter asking for help. He needed knights who could help fighting the Orcs as well as train his men to fight mounted. In the meantime, he would retire to his castle to build up a new army to fight and conquer the Orcs.


Dark Alliance 1/72 Warg riders

Twelve Warg riders for less than nine euros; what else can I say? As you can see, all the twelve riders come in different poses, and the detail in the minis is not bad at all. 

Below there is half of the box with two musicians, one standard and two armoured mounts.

The other half with assorted weapons, two archers and one with javelins.

The dirty dozen.

A little scene with the Warg riders attacking a group of Zvezda Vikings proxying Rohirrim on foot.


Orcs invasion!

Back at his king's court to report from the discovered secret hideout the Orcs had near the frontier, they learn the Orcs have finally crossed the border and are attacking an important village. It seems to be an invasion! Eilif gathers all Rangers available at the moment and sets off in haste to help the villagers. Will they make it on time?

Meanwhile at the village, the Orc horde had been spotted and all freemen had already gathered at the walls and were ready waiting for them. The village does not have real defensive walls but a fence so that animals cannot come in and out, but enough to give some defensive bonus (-3d6 in combat for attackers). Besides, the Orcs have an extra 3d6 in combat when they charge, so it would be unwise to go and meet them in the open. Also, as the village does not have a proper gate, one unit of valiant defenders stands in Shieldwall formation to stop Orcs getting into the village. They must stop them in the walls to avoid looting and the burning of their houses.

The Orc horde advances en masse towards the village. A local sorceress tries a spell on them but fails.

Mirholme Fyrd stays in the fence and Orcs charge, but only two units with their general. The rest of the undisciplined rabble stops in its tracks quarreling about some tribal issues, and leaves its general alone in the fight. The sorceress manages to cast a deadly bolt and kills two charging Orcs but the rest of the unit reaches and kills her! The valiant men at the gate hold fast. No sign of any reinforcements yet.

 Where is Eilif?

Finally all the Orcs charge. A fierce and desperate fight is joined. The Shieldwall at the gate crumbles down and disintegrates, but the Orcs pay a high price for clearing the entrance. On the right, one of the two units of Orcs is well received by the men at the fence and it flees after sustaining many casualties. Eilif's rangers emerge from the woods on the left, there is still hope!

Eilif's rangers charge the flank of the assaulting Orcs and hit them hard, but at the same time the surviving Orcs at the gate enter the village and flank attack the men who were defending the fence where Eilif is now. On the right flank, the last units of Orcs and men are engaged in a deadly fight.

No quarter is given or taken.

The Orc tide is finally stopped and the village is safe, but at what price!

The Orcs of Naz-Goth are invading the realm of king Einar in the Border Kingdoms. Soon there will be a retaliation from him, and the conflict will escalate into a full war!