X-Com base attack

Continuing with the testing of my home rules today I played an alien assault to an X-Com base. 

The base has seven regulars armed with MARSEC rifles, hand grenades and kevlar armour, one with missile launcher and another with a SAW, plus one mobile platform and six veterans in battle armour with MARSEC rifles and one automatic missile launcher.

The attacking aliens are 30+ random Sectoids, Snakemen, Chryssalids and Mutons.

 The X-Com base.

First turn and aliens broke through into the base, taking X-Com by surprise. First blood is one man down and another stunned from a Sectoid Psi-attack.

A snakemen sneaks behind and kills another soldier.

The tank fired in reaction and missed all its shots but then the Muton didn't with his plasma rifle.

The commander attacked by two Sectoids and a leader but he shrugged off all mental attacks. Behind him, Another man fell down by a grenade.

The SAW man  killed one snake and made first alien blood.

Another grunt fell by a fearsome Chryssalid.

The Muton who destroyed the mobile platform is received by two reaction fires and is wounded.

The commander killed four Sectoids single handle! Odds started to balance a bit.

The already wounded Muton finally died by a direct missile hit.

The SAW again in action, shooting at their backs, killing one and wounding another.

The soldier who fell down, recovered thanks to his automedikit and slaughthered and bunch of aliens with one well put missile.

The commander is inoculated by a Chryssalid and turned into a zombie!

And another Chryssalid turned one more into a zombie!

 - It's a zombie, shoot him!

Last stand.

The X-Com base fell in the hands of the aliens but their defenders managed to kill thirty of them and only four more survived.
In the beginning many regulars died but then veterans with better armour and combat skills stopped the aliens and almost win the day.



You may have noticed that I haven't written anything on my blog in a while. Well, this is because now I'm working on a different island and I'm flying back home every weekend to see my children so I don't have time for the hobby; just two or three hours per week that I'm using to paint. So, up to July you can expect a low number of publications here.

Well, with that little time I have painted these five Snakemen for my X-Com project, and I hope I'll be able to play a solo game next week taking advantage of Carnivals.

From left to right: Muton, Snakemen, Chryssalid, Sector, X-Com soldier. Now I need to paint flyers and soldier in heavy armour to finish this little project.


To the strongest!

Time ago I finished a 10mm Roman army to play The Art of War, that ruleset so awfully translated into Spanish language, but I never got to play it with them though I have played Art of War with friends' armies a few times.

Today me and a friend tried To the strongest! an intelligent ruleset, easy to remember and fun and fast to play, which also gives you realistic feel of how ancient armies fought, or so I think.

We played and introductory game of 100 points armies on a plain. Gallic vs. Marian Roman. We made a few mistakes, some of them in designing our own armies, but the game went smooth, we loved it and we are planning of playing it as often as possible.

Here you can see some pictures of the game. Romans are from Magister Militum and Gauls from Pendraken (the old range).

Gauls attacking the Roman line

Romans waited for the clash and successfuly rejected the attack, disordering some warbands.

Here the Gallic army had already lost a pair of warbands and its camp had been taken by Numidian light cavalry, plus all its left flank was being threatened by drilled legionnaires. The Gallic player did not buy any cavarly unit and dearly paid for that, quickly loosing his camp and left flank.

The warband with the Gallic general was already disordered and then I charged with my general on its flank but picked up and ace. Being the general I could pick up another card but it was an ace again!

We lost a lot of time setting up the battle so we run out of time and could not finish the game, but the Gauls were doomed. Hopefully they will claim for vengeance next week.

By the way, this will be the last post for this year, so let me wish you all fellow wargamers Happy New Year and many battles to play!


Cleanse and Burn

Another testing of ZoG. This time I chose the mission "Cleanse and Burn" from the original Space Hulk board game from Games Workshop as I wanted to try some fighting in the tunnels. The objectives are burning the last two rooms with flamethrowers. No turn limit.

Instead of using Marines and Genestealers I deployed marines and aliens with profiles for the film "Aliens". Also, as I did not have figures to represent them, I used missile launchers as proxy for flamethrowers.

Turn zero with the two squads ready to rumble.

Troops used their two actions to rush forward, passing the first crossroads but leaving the two SAWs on opportunity fire to cover those corners.

The two groups generated no enemies so far.

But in turn three things changed and I lost my first soldier.

These two critters could not reach hand to hand combat and took cover behind the barrels...

 And they were fried afterwards.

Turn 5 of the game and bugs kept coming.

With the new rule of "gregarious enemies" they were piling up fast

The marine with the SAW had the option to fall back to break line of sight but did not want to risk more creatures disappearing and later joining to newer groups so he stepped forward and fired, killing three of them on automatic fire.

 Things were getting rough for both squads.

But they could break contact and fire back with good results.

First room burned.

SAW guy with supporting opportunity fire from two comrades down the aisle and out of the picture, managed to kill all the swarm except one. This is turn 7 and the last of the game.

Burning the second room. I lost three marines in total, and achieved objectives on turn 7.

After that, I played again the same mission but this time changing the Aliens fixed generation points for hot zones (they raise the enemy threat level when your soldiers are close) and it turned nastier and I lost seven marines but I could burn both rooms in turn 7 again. 
All in all good gaming and testing with a lot of tweaking of the rules afterwards.


Miyazaki team

I finally painted a performance car and I did it to match it with my "Zero buggy". It is a Lamborghini huracán. I wanted to keep it as much aerodynamic as possible so I only added a small weapon on the roof that came from the ram of a GW's Battlefleet Gothic Lunar Cruiser.

The red dragon is a GW's fantasy decal from 1982 and I think it fits perfectly.

 On the other side I used the last red dot I had.

And here two snap shots of their first performance. It took the first position thanks to the perk power slide.

So I was doing it all right with both cars. the Lamborghini crossing the bridge and the buggy taking the other way. But in the end the Lamborghini went through the second gate flipping and ended exiting the game board; and the buggy scored four skids at high speed and crashed against the other side of the bridge and resulted destroyed, so a terrible performance in their first apparition.


The infected trees

  1. "Examining the bodies of the zombies, along with the other clues from the village, left little doubt. The village had been attacked by some horrific species of giant spider, whose venom reanimated the dead. Thankfully, such creatures move slowly. Likely, they will have retreated to the nearest shelter to slowly feast upon the missing villagers. Your duty is clear. Taking just enough time to patch up your wounds, and make a quick pyre for the dead, you set off after the spiders, following their faint, but unique tracks. After nearly a day’s pursuit, the tracks lead into a small forest. Chances are the spiders are not too deep in the woods. You must find them, destroy them and any nests they might have made, and, if you are lucky, rescue any survivors."

- Intrudersss!

Our ranger searches the first web cocoon and finds a zombie. The first spider tries to bite him.

- Let's feasst!

Entangled in a web, but having Strength 8 gives no troubles to break free.

A survivor!

Once again the bloodhound and the archer die. And this time the dog died from its wounds and the archer got a useless leg.

The last nest tree on turn 8. The group got destroyed all web cocoons and nest trees, found a treasure and a survivor. Not bad.