Battlegroup Kursk fourth game

Another game, this time playing 500 points and introducing German Panthers and PzIV as well as Russian T-34s and one Su. Again German major victory, winning 31 to 13.
Russians had to defend the bridge but Germans were able to deploy all their forces before the Russians.

The were other three objectives apart from the bridge, the small house and the central hill with the fallen fighter which were quickly captured by me, and the big house near the bridge which was also taken by two squads of Panzergrenadiers a few turns later.

Russian tanks entered the board moving a firing and missing all the shots. Then the awaiting Panthers killed two of them.

PzIV in position, controlling the crossroads.

More Russian tanks destroyed while one Panther trying to outflank.

 Russian T-34 had a lucky shot and destroyed one of the Panthers.

Things getting even worse for the German when one Zis destroyed the PzIV

The Panther missed both shots scoring two consecutive ones, and then when it got shot and rolled for morale test and scored another one, with the crew abandoning the tank!

The T-34 then had time to shot the second round to the Sdkfz, destroying it.

Fortunately Russians broke up and Germans finally won the match. Fast and fun game. Eager to play more!


  1. Wow, that looked like a heck of a fight Javier! And pretty, too! But I miss your 10mm guys ;)


  2. next game hope my russian force will be full painted, no paint no win...

    1. Once they're finished we'll see if they can win or not ;)

  3. Nice looking game, splendid tanks!

    1. The German tanks are die-casts and the Russian are unfinished, LOL!
      Cheers pal! :)

  4. Hey Jack, how nice to hear from you again!
    Battlegroup is my new love and 10mm are in the shelf for the moment I'm afraid, though I'll probably used then for big Battlegroup games.