This is our first attack-defence game at 500 points. I'm playing Germans as the attacker. My initial deployment was all my scout units plus up to three units and I picked a panther platoon.
The Russians rolled 2d6 to see how many units he could deploy and scored 7. He deployed two T-34, one Zis, a commissar, an artillery spotter, a senior officer and a comm relay. He thought his 3 of-board 82 mm mortars were more important than deploying some infantry to defend the objectives, and that was a mistake.

Germans entered on the left. Russians bought some defences and deploy two minefields close to the river, a trench and reinforced cover for the AT gun.

 Getting ready for the Germans...

 On the first turn I drew up an air attack card and got a Stuka with 37mm cannons. At the beginning of the second turn it dived and destroyed one T-34!

Russians did not puy units on opportunity fire so I raced forwards with my recon, moving 24" twice and seized an unguarded objective.

But I did not realise about the other T-34 that could spot me and destroyed my Sdkfz 223. That was the price for the German arrogance.

After that, my tanks rolled onwards and crossed the bridge and one Panther destroyed the last T-34. The AT gun was destroyed as well by Tank machine gun fire.

It was the end of my turn 4 and the Russians were going to receive the rest of their army as reinforcements, so I tried to get the third and last objective which was in the trench. My time artillery strike failed miserably by rolling 5 ones with eight dice; then the Stuka failed with its machine guns, and finally I assaulted the trench with one squad of Panzergrenadiers. The machine gun team suppressed the Russian senior squad and the the assaulting infantry team wiped it out, forcing the Russian to take two Battle Rating counters that made him to break and lose the game.

The game was over on turn 4 and before the Russians got their reinforcements, by Germans 15, Russians 32. Great game, and fast too.


  1. Love it - a proper wargame!

  2. Yes, things are getting better and better. Next time I'll play defensive and we'll see if the Russian can finally beat me, but I doubt it ;-)