Two more for the grave

I have not played yet any game of Frostgrave but at least it is making me to paint. This time I painted a Reaper miniature sculpted by Bob Olley who will be a wight or spectre, and a running barbarian by Copplestone that I ordered to Forlorn Hope and who will be a thug or maybe a thief for Frostgrave.

Upper torso a bit out of focus, sorry. I tried to paint some sort of ghostly light coming out from his eyes but I failed miserably and then I extended the paint all over his face and flesh, looking now more like a zombie.

I bought this guy to put him running with some war dogs as a beast master for my Chaos army, but now he will run for treasures in Frostgrave!


  1. I love the work on the wight's cloak.

  2. Thank you! I added white to the base colour afraid of turning it pink but it came out good. I'm also happy with the result.

  3. Nice shading..very effective!