Hello Kitty Sigilist

Looking at these pictures you can tell I ruined this fantastic sculpt by Dennis Mize because the grotesque make up and the lack of transitions, specially in the skin tone, but thanks God she looks great from tabletop distance.

Her purse, lovely hair and customes, made me want to give her a teenish look, so I chose the Hello Kitty colour palette: pink, white and light blue.

As she is holding a scroll she would make a perfect Sigilist for Frostgrave.


  1. I must confess I've recently removed one of my bretonnian sorceress make up because she was in this drag fashion too :D
    For Frostgrave too :)

  2. Do you have a miniatures make up remover? Please tell me which one is? ;-)
    I think I'll end cleaning her face too.

  3. You're being hard on yourself. I think she looks really good. And more women out there fighting evil and hunting for treasure should stop and remember their femininity. And wear magical battle makeup!

  4. Yes, she looks OK in the distance and yes, most female adventurers forget wearing magical battle makeup like her, LOL!