Foundry Vikings for SAGA

As many people are doing lately, here I present my Viking warband for SAGA. I have a lot of Foundry Vikings that I painted years ago for WAB, but as never got to paint berserkers and as I need some for SAGA, I painted the berserker personalities blister that I had in a dark and forgotten back corner of my wardrobe.

Pics clickable.

Now I have enough variety and quantity of Vikings to play SAGA.

Regretfully, although I pre ordered the ruleset to Maelstrom Games on August, I cannot play the game yet as they sent me the rules without the four colour laminated battle sheets necessary to play it.

After four emails I finally received answer saying they were sorry and would send them ASAP, without further explanations.
I am still waiting for them and I am afraid I will have to wait quite more as I suppose that ASAP means as soon they are printed again and they restock.
I will think it twice before ordering to Maelstrom again.


  1. These surly looking bunch of terrors are very nicely painted.

  2. Ahí, ahí!

    Diversificando proyectos :)

    Tienen muy buena pinta, ver cuando cuelgas un AAR del juego, que he oído bastante de él, y ya si puedes lo compararas con el juego de Endakil

  3. Yes, those vikings look great. Too bad about having to wait to field them. You could try Age of Blood in the meantime.

  4. @Slorm, sí ya sé, no tengo remedio :(
    No puedo colgar ningún AAR porque no tengo el reglamento completo. El de Endakil no me gustó cuando lo leí y ni siquiera lo llegué a probar. Ya ni me acuerdo de qué iba.

  5. Thanks for the compliments Jay and Sean, I know I'm not good painting 28mm but I'm content enough as they are to play battles with them :)