AE Bounty second game.

Following our first game on a planet surface we wanted to try a new one inside a star ship, so we set a random Space Hulk map and after designing our crews we rolled at random for mission, second objective which we both forgot during the game, and to see who was going attacker or defender.

Having in mind that we were going to fight inside a star ship I designed my crew with few and good members, picking two Old Guard units plus a veteran Sergeant Hero Marksman (oh yeah!). The five men wearing heavy armour and LRF Particle guns as in the ship there are not cover nor long distances, so I chose the maximum protection and rate of powerful fire at short distances.

Pics clickable.

My buddy chose his same pirate crew from our previous game and gave them the same weapons as me but no armour at all.

We rolled the mission get to the escape pods and me as attacker and having to reach those escape pods. Though luck as all my men were slow due to their heavy armours and I had only eight turns to do it.

I started in one extreme opposed to the escape pods, and the defender in a chamber in the middle of the board. As soon as I activated, I started to rush forward with the enemy melee specialists with mono blades waiting for me.

Fortunately I gained initiative again and managed to blast away two of three devils from that unit. The survivor charged my forward man who lost the melee but was saved by his armour. My sergeant aimed and shot down this last pirate during the melee.

Here my buddy complained and moaned that I had designed a very cheesy crew and that it was impossible to him to kill me, but he did not have to kill me, just delay me to stop me reaching the escape pods in eight turns.

My buddy a bit demoralised, fell back with the rest of his crew and waited for me to come. The environmental conditions of the ship together with my inability to sprint due to the heavy armour plus a couple of suppressions I suffered, made me lost six turns to get near the escape pods.

Almost at the exit the pirate crew revolved and attacked me throwing some frag grenades that killed one full Old Guard unit and wounded my sergeant.
The other unit was too far away to change the course of the action and we quit the game on turn seven as it was pretty obvious that I was not going to reach my objective on time.

Definitely fun game and totally different to our first one. We liked it and now we are seriously thinking about starting a campaign, but there are so many different game to play.


  1. Do the campaign! Report it here! I love the second game here, the interior space ship works really well.

  2. Hehehe, thanks Mik! Bounty's campaigns are long and we only have one evening a week to play, and there are sooo many projects to finish that we don't know if we ever start a Bounty campaign. We'll see :)

  3. Nice report! Sounds like it was a close run thing.

  4. I would have needed one or even two turns more or lighter armours :)

  5. It's great to see you guys enjoying Bounty. It really starts to shine when you play in the campaign.

    I look forward to reading more of your reports.

    Darkson Designs

  6. Nice!!! which rules did you use?