DBA Corvus Belli Celtiberians

I am starting a new army for DBA and here there are the first four units; all the psilois in the DBA Celtiberian army. Next there will be the six units of Warbands althought it will take a lot of time to get painted as I am doing other things at the same time.

I copied the shield designs from LBM. I think they turned out OK but I hope to improve with the following Warbands.
Estoy empezando un nuevo ejército para DBA y aquí están las cuatro primeras unidades; todos los psilois del ejército de Celtíberos. Lo siguiente serán las seis unidades de bandas de guerra aunque tardarán bastante porque estoy haciendo otras cosas al mismo tiempo.

Copié los diseños de los escudos de LBM. No salieron mal del todo pero espero hacerlos un poco mejor con las bandas de guerra.


  1. Shields are more than ok. If you want some inspiration, I painted some too for my carthaginian army:

  2. Superb painting on a fine unit. Regards, Dean

  3. Your shields are terrific and are certainly helpful for inspiration. I'll use white instead of black for the symbols.
    BTW, which red do you use?

  4. @blacksmith: for the red color I use:
    - base color: either red brown (982) from vallejo or mechrite red from GW

    - highlight: 1st empire scarlet ( 817) from vallejo

  5. @sebastosfig, thank you very much. It's very helpful as I'm passing from GW to Vallejo's paints right now :)

  6. I have listed you for the viral "Stylish Blogger Award", details here: