The Shadow of Death

As a sacrifice to the gods to stop the persistent draught, a retired champion has been invited to Capua to fight once again in the arena. Theokoles the Shadow of Death, a Rep 9 vicious and infamous barbaric gladiator, now Rep 8 due to his life of retirement, who will be faced against two gladiators of the Batiatus schola: Crixus the murmillo, Rep 6 and current champion of Capua; and Spartacus the thraex, still Rep 5.

Theokoles' dice pool of 40 is a very scary thing to face. Spartacus and Crixus know that their only chance against such monster is working as a team and attacking him simultaneously.
-Shall we begin?!
The fight bursts abruptly and Crixus quickly receives a deep cut in his belly, forcing him to fall back and burning some more dice. The crowd maddens at the sight of the first blood.
Then Spartacus and Crixus attack at the same time and while Crixus distracts Theokoles, Spartacus smashes his sica on theokoles' head, leaving him stun and at their mercy!
Theokoles then receives a couple of scratches more but finally recovers without further damage, pushing back Crixus and severely slashing Spartacus' Upper Left Leg.
After that, there are three turns of savage fighting where Spartacus suffers a terrible cut in his chest and Theokoles two consecutive wounds on his right leg. Crixus stays safe behind his scutum whereas both Spartacus and Theokoles run out of their dice pool very fast.

Spartacus pauses a moment to catch his breath but Theokoles, despising his own fatigue, keeps brutally attacking both gladiators, and manages to strike again on Spartacus' wounded leg, almost maiming it. Spartacus is really tired and severely wounded. A deafening roar rises from the crowd in a mixed feeling of panic and joy; they are having glorious fun.
In one last effort, Crixus and Spartacus attack again Theokoles, who fiercely repulses Crixus and knocks Spartacus to the ground. Fortunately, Theokoles spends his last dice from his pool in this last effort, and falls to the ground spent and at the mercy of the gladiators, who quickly dispatch him.

All hail to Crixus, champion of Capua and bringer of the rain!
Well, this has not happened exactly as in the TV serial, but at least Spartacus still lives. He miraculously survived with only one remaining die in his pool! and so Crixus is still the fucking champion of Capua ;-)

The match resulted pretty exiting and I was sure Spartacus was to die on this day, but in the end and much to my relief, he escaped . He gained eight more Advance Points for a total of twenty six, so he has raised his Rep to six and gained a total of 130 Fame Points.

Nonetheless, he paid dearly for it and he will have to rest for a long time until all his wounds are restained.


  1. Esto es casi tan adictivo como la propia serie!

  2. Brilliant write-up. I was cheering for Spartacus all the way.

  3. I love it. Definitely need to return to RSBS gaming!!!


  4. Your games have really wanted me to get a copy of the RSBS and the minitures. Very cool!

  5. Thanks for the kind words guys!
    @Brendan, RSBS ruleset is cheap and you only a handful of miniatures to play, so go for it :)