Hordes of the Things in 10 mm.

This evening we decided to use my Warmaster miniatures to play HotT. Cavalry in Warmaster is 20x40 mm. so I put two Warmaster cavalry bases onto a 40x40 mm. base to represent one cavalry unit in HotT. To keep it all homogeneous, I put all infantry and flyers on 40x20 mm bases, and all mount, behemoths, gods, heroes and magicians on 40x40 mm. bases.
We could play without any problem and actually we had a lot of fun.

The first game was Orcs vs. Goblins!
The Orc army: 1 Hero, 1 Wb Gn, 5 Wb, 1 Kn and 1 God.
The Goblin army: 2 Magicians, 1 Hd Gn, 7 Hd, 2 Raiders, 1 Behemoth.

In the second turn the God of the Orcs appeared and charged a unit of scared goblin wolf riders (raiders) but couldn't kill it and at the next turn I rolled a one and the God disappeared as he came.

A 28 mm. River troll as God.
The Orcs enraged at the sight of his vanished god and charged madly out of the forest. The goblins also encouraged by the vision of the God disappearing, foolishly charge down the hill.

The Orc Warbands killed all the Goblin Hordes, and the Orc hero killed first one Goblin Shaman and then the giant. Game over and victory for the Orcs.
The second match was a Chaos army vs. a Pendraken Amazon army.
Chaos army: 1 Hero, 1 Magician, 1 Kn Gn, 1 Kn, 1 Beasts, 1 Bd, 2 Wb, 2 Flyers.
Amazon army: 1 Hero Gn, 1 Magician, 6 Wb, 2 Shooters.
The Pendraken Amazon army
I quickly moved my Beasts unit to the hill in the centre and there it held for several turns the six Amazon Warbands while my two units of Knights flanked and headed to the undefended Amazon Stronghold. But before they assaulted the Stronghold, the Amazon Hero(ine) General entered in a wood to attack my warbands and there was slain surrounded by my warbands and flyers. Game over and victory for Chaos.
The third battle was Chaos vs. Orcs, but regretfully we run out of time and we had to quit on turn 3.


  1. Great looking armies you've got here, well done! We need to get HotT (6mm) started back up around these parts, and you've helped give a bit of propaganda here.

  2. HotT and DBA are games that come and go through the years. Now we are living a revival here and I suppose that in a month or so we will forget it again.
    I'd like to see some reports and pics of your 6 mm. HotT armies :)

  3. Incluso jugando con todo bases de 40x40 el sistema tiene que fncionar :D
    Enhorabuena por la partida

  4. Funciona sin ningún problema. La verdad es que pasamos un buen rato.
    ¡Gracias! ;-)

  5. Javier,
    I am curious about one thing: How do HoTT compare to Warmaster or Warrior Heroes? I know the latter two, and never tried HoTT.
    Pluses and minuses? Infor would be appreciated...


  6. Mahon, if you have played DBA then you know how it is HotT as it is the same game by the same authors but for fantasy. If not, let me know it and I'll give you further explanation in an email.

  7. very nice report! smashing models too!