Mad Puppies. Nuts! Blood upon the risers campaign scenario.

Before sunrise, June 6th, 1944 - Merderet marsh, France.
"Oh man, I thought we were the only friendlies in the area. Damn glad to see you! We're with the 18th AAA. Watch out, there's Krauts everywhere!"
"Most of the other guys on this glider didn't make it. My gun commander took a patrol out to do a quick sweep around and see if he could find someone to link up with, but we heard shooting a bit ago, and I think they're done for. We've received a couple of pot shots ourselves, but neither of us has been hurt, so that's good."
"Ok, enough chitchat. You help us to get this jeep and gun out of the glider so we can get to San Mere and do some of what we came here for, and we'll let you ride is style!."
To extricate a jeep and tow a 57mm ATG from a crashed glider and get them to Sainte-Mere-Église in 12 turns.

I didn't have any aeroplane at home so I had to improvise. The two white dice on the top right and left down corners are German PEFs with Rep 4 and 1 respectively. My squad plus three more soldiers started six inches within the plane.

On the first turn the German PEF advanced and I resolved it. I score a 1 which meant nobody showed up, and as the other PEF was Rep 1 and it wasn't going anywhere, I decided to roll again. This time I got a full assault squad, but I was already in position waiting for them...

So in the In Sight all my troops reacted opening fire and killing almost all of them with the .30 cal MG and other automatic fire weapons.

It took me two turns to get the jeep out from the plane. I know, it's not a Willys! but I didn't have one and I was locked down at home due to the quarantine, so I had to improvise once again.

On turn three I moved forward until made contact with one of the surviving German soldiers who shot at me in reaction, but then I killed him when I returned fire. The other German was beyond six inches and as we both were in cover and it was night time, we couldn't see each other.

Then, the last German soldier move towards the enemy using cover, but he was shot down nonetheless in the In Sight by the officer with his colt. He is the parachutist who has killed more Germans during the campaign so far. I'm thinking about naming him Clint.

Turn four and all my troops are about to leave the area with the "jeep" and the ATG.

On turn five I scored a seven in the activation so some Germans appeared in the last moment.

They fast moved 16" and then they were shot in reaction. Their leader was killed and the rest retired. Game over.

This campaign is being too easy so far. I do hope things will get tougher in Sainte-Mere-Église. In any case, I'm upgrading my Nuts! second edition to the final one to see if AI gets more dangerous.


  1. Excellent, thanks for posting buddy! No problem with the 'jeep' and glider, I always say do what you can with what you have, just game! ;)

    And I agree with you, they have seemed pretty easy so far.


    1. Hey Jack!
      I was quick reading Nuts! 4th ed. last night and its AI system has improved considerably in both soldier and PEFs reactions, compared to 2nd ed. I was playing, so I am glad I boght it and I expect next game will be far more interesting.
      Cheers mate!

    2. Great, I can't wait to see the next fight and how it goes with 4th edition. I've actually got 4th edition, too, and you're inspiring me to pull it out and give it a try! Take care, buddy!


    3. If you do it please share a report and thoughts about it.
      Take care you too my friend, rough times ahead.

  2. Fantastic Improvisational skills there! I have seen some card models for gliders online, but they look rather complicated.

    1. Rather complicated for just one scenario ;-)
      Cheers Alan