To the strongest!

Time ago I finished a 10mm Roman army to play The Art of War, that ruleset so awfully translated into Spanish language, but I never got to play it with them though I have played Art of War with friends' armies a few times.

Today me and a friend tried To the strongest! an intelligent ruleset, easy to remember and fun and fast to play, which also gives you realistic feel of how ancient armies fought, or so I think.

We played and introductory game of 100 points armies on a plain. Gallic vs. Marian Roman. We made a few mistakes, some of them in designing our own armies, but the game went smooth, we loved it and we are planning of playing it as often as possible.

Here you can see some pictures of the game. Romans are from Magister Militum and Gauls from Pendraken (the old range).

Gauls attacking the Roman line

Romans waited for the clash and successfuly rejected the attack, disordering some warbands.

Here the Gallic army had already lost a pair of warbands and its camp had been taken by Numidian light cavalry, plus all its left flank was being threatened by drilled legionnaires. The Gallic player did not buy any cavarly unit and dearly paid for that, quickly loosing his camp and left flank.

The warband with the Gallic general was already disordered and then I charged with my general on its flank but picked up and ace. Being the general I could pick up another card but it was an ace again!

We lost a lot of time setting up the battle so we run out of time and could not finish the game, but the Gauls were doomed. Hopefully they will claim for vengeance next week.

By the way, this will be the last post for this year, so let me wish you all fellow wargamers Happy New Year and many battles to play!