Rome rises

I finished the first part of my army, the Roman troops; the second part, allied Numidians, Celtiberians plus some Cretan archers, German cavalry and other auxiliaries will have to wait until next summer.
So here you can see my all Roman army based for the art of war rules but also for Hail Caesar. 10 mm. miniatures from Magister Militum except commands which are from Pendraken, this last being the best customer service around from Leon.

I bought Cesarean legionaires and Republican Triarii so I could use them together as both Republican and Cesarean armies because as far as I know, there are no evidence of how the helmet crests really were.

The full army so far as per the art of war rules. Three legions with two Velites, four legionnaires and one Triarii each, plus three cavalry units.

Close up of Triarii, arranged for Hail Caesar rules.

Legionnaires. Slightly smaller than the rest of the army and with a lot of line moulds to clean off. I suppose they are very old moulds.

One blister of cavalry that gives you for three units.


  1. I'm happy with how they turned out, thank you! :)

  2. Very impressive, as ever!

    1. Thank you Monty. Eager to try them in the battlefield.

  3. Hi i have shared your work on my 10mm Wargaming page and 10mm Wargaming group





    As always, comments are appreciated

    Take care


  4. Hi there i am also thinking of starting up a roman army as Well. Maybe in 10mm as Well... Do you Prefer 10mm or 6mm? Got Any recommandations or advice? What about painting? Cheers,

    1. Hi, I've painted a full Baccus 6mm EIR army and later sold it; so I have painted both Roman armies in 6 & 10mm. The scale depends on personal taste or what local players are using, but if you ask me I would go for 10mm. I think 10mm can still be seen from distance and that they still look as an army; 10mm is the right scale between 6mm and 15mm IMO.
      Size of bases is the same among 6, 10 and 15mm, but 6 mm is too small and 15 have too few figures per based.
      Small miniatures turn out better when primed in black and painted up from there, but I find too difficult to see the details when primed in black so I primed them in white, give them basic colours, then washes and light with the same base colours.

    2. Thx for the advice! I think I'm heading for 10mm... What are the base sizes? planning to play Hail caesar as Well... Regards,

    3. MIne are based for the art of war but they can be used for HC as well. The heavy infantry is based on 4x4 cm. cavalry on 4x3 and skirmishers in 4x2 cm. If I could go back I would base them all in 4x2cm. bases as they are the DBX basing system and can be used for almost every ruleset. For example for HC you could use four 4x2 cm. bases as one unit of heavy infantry, and then only three for a Warmaster Ancients unit, and one for DBA.

  5. Thx for your advice , i am a newbie on ancients so... Now i'm not even sure if Hail Ceasar are actually the right rules to start with... Maybe I should have a look at other rules... What do you recommend? Thx for your help!

    1. Play what locals play, otherwise you won't have anybody to game. If people in your town play the art of war then buy that ruleset and play. If there are several options, ask them for a demo game of each ruleset and decide. Sometimes the people you play with is more important than the rules.
      Regarding ancients rulesets, I'd recommend DBA for several games in an evening and with the advantage of playing seated and the board is almost like a chess board. It is very solid ruleset and rewards good tactic decisions.
      HC is widely played and it is fun. Troops move fun and easily around the table.
      My new love is To the Strongest which is played in squares and with cards instead of dice. It allows you to play a big battle in an evening and it is easy to play but demands thinking at the same time.
      As I said, give your army a standard basing so you can play any ruleset.