German assault troops

I needed some assault troops for my Battlegroup games as well some more soldiers with Panzerfausts so after a bit of thinking I decided to buy the Revell German infantry box. If you are interested you can see it here.
This box is interesting because most of the troops come in winter dress, although I painted them as having SS camouflage smocks. But the real reason to buy it was that it contains enough different assault troops to build a full Battlegroup pioneer platoon.

This is my first time at painting SS camouflage and although the miniatures are soft plastic and they were fast painted, I am happy how they turned up. I tried Oak leaf B autumn.

 Full squad

 Close up of flamethrower


 Much needed extra Panzerfausts

MG team


  1. They look great! I started work on this set but didn't finish. You have just reminded me how good they can look!

  2. I'm not ignoring you guys. I don't know what happens but the link "reply" doesn't work.
    Many thanks for all your comments.

  3. Gran trabajo! sobre todo esos camuflajes. Los SS son siempre duros de rematar bien por culpa de los camos. Enhorabuena

  4. Muchas gracis por tu comentario. Los camuflajes son difíciles de hacer pero muy divertidos. Ya vi los tuyos en tu blog y están muy bien aunque en la foto no se pueden apreciar demasiado.
    Un saludo,