My entry for Pendraken painting contest.

I know I will not win in the vehicles category as there are already some great entries but I had these cats around and I decided to paint them for fun. They turned out a bit dirty because I painted them as if they were of a bigger scale.
I ordered some decals but as they did not arrive on time I tried to paint signs and numbers on the panther, and after seeing the results I quit and did not paint them on the rest.
Also there was the first time I used pigments and although it was fun experimenting with them I did not get the results I expected. Next time :)


  1. These are some very fine models sir, and your hand painted work is very nice. :)

  2. Nice job. Seems to be competition time everywhere. Have been looking at the Dropshop Horizon Comp entries which I had a go in as well.

  3. excellently painted tanks! Love the camo work on the German vehicles.

  4. These are very nicely presented, and extremely well executed for so small a scale. Great modelling!

    1. I hope the judges think like you ;-)
      Thank you sir :)