5150 FC Star Carrier

I bought this carrier from Hobby Link Japan to be my fleet's flagship for  playing 5150 Fighter Command. I am planning a full campaign using this carrier as my personal ship. It is 24 cm. long approximately.

The carrier next to a Silent Death plastic fighter for size comparison.

Here you can see the deck with fighters on it. There is another deck below that for landing fighters.

These three ships plus P&P from Japan for 13 €. Bargain!

By the way, I am sorry to say that I cannot answer to any comments on my blog, nor I can publish on someone else's blog so far because for some mysterious reason my messages disappear when I hit the publish buttom. I hope the problem gets fixed soon :(


  1. Enjoy the flight, Capt.!

  2. I've looked at these models a number of times - when I was in Thailand they were in most stores.

    The models you have finished look great.


  3. Very nice. Can't wait to see them in action.