My full Warmaster Orc army

Well, here it is my full Orc army for Warmaster that I started many many years ago, when it was first released! There are closer pics of it at my 10 mm gallery.
Now I have to put it to good use and kill some Elves.

Bueno, aquí está por fin mi ejército orco para Warmaster que empezé hace ya tantos años, justo cuando salió el juego. Tienen fotos más de cerca en mi galería de 10 mm
Ahora a ver si les doy buen uso y masacro unos cuantos elfos.

And now with the Goblins from the Battle of the Five Armies they make quite a horde.

Y junto con los goblins de la caja de la Batalla de los Cinco Ejércitos hacen una gran horda.


  1. Very fine army you have there sir! I love Warmaster but have nothing for it nor any opponents I am jealous of your Orc collection :)

    1. Thank you and sorry for you not having anybody near to play a game.

  2. Terrorizing and impressive! Great, great work!

  3. Holy cow! A huge and beautifully painted army arrayed. Best, Dean