Well, here it is the second testing of 5150WC. This time the Confederation is on an attack mission of two Nav points. Killrathi are controlling.
Investment level of Confederation is 4 and of Killrathi is 3. Good intel for the Confederation.

The Confederation started the mission with two new Rapier medium fighters, a fast and manoeuvrable fighter with a big payload of guns and missiles. Both pilots with Rep 4.

I rolled for terrain and got some gas and dust clouds on the right and no asteroids at all. There is a jump buoy next to Nav point 1 and two PEFs with Rep 2, one in the upper left square and the other in the centre of the table, behind a dust cloud.

The Rapiers accelerated towards the first PEF and soon resolved it. There were two Dralthi light fighters hiding behind the dust cloud. Both Rapiers bank to starboard and fire all their guns and 2 Friend of Foe missiles. Both Dralthi returned fire and one pilot of the Rapiers (Rapier A) got unconscious for the following four turns.

In the next turn one of the FF missiles detonated on a Dralthi with its shields depleted and was destroyed, forcing the other one to leave the battlefield.

Rapier A advanced uncontrolled at maximum speed, banking right and left randomly, with Rapier B behind and trying to get contact by radio.

The other PEF never moved during the mission but
it was resolved as the Rapiers got near, resulting to be a Killrathi outpost. As soon as it is discovered, it started to fire with its Flank cannons.

On the next turn, the pilot finally regained consciousness in the border of the table, he tried to execute an Immelman but failed and exited the game. He would meet with Rapier B in Nav point 2 if the it survived to the outpost!

Rapier B turned around and fired its last FF missile, and then its two Dart DF missiles but without any remarkable effect on the phase shield of the outpost. But he destroyed all Flak cannons with its laser and particle guns instead.

The outpost launched one Dralthi but it was blasted away by Rapier B after its In Sight test.

Then the outpost launched its last Dralthi. A Rep 3 who managed to get behind Rapier B and place a Claw Heat Seeker missile on it. Rapier B successfully reacted and launched Chaff pods, but the missile guidance rating smarted the pilot and made direct hit. BOOOM!

The pilot could safely eject on time but as he was in Killrathi sector he was practically doomed. Game over.

Next time I will try to test bombers with torpedoes attacking Capital ships.


  1. Nice little batrep. 5150 in space gets more and more interesting.

  2. Muy currado, sí chaval.


    Si esta gente vendiera las miniaturas por separado, o en grupos más pequeño vaya que si caía un par de flotas