Rebel attack!

Sergeant Blacksmith made it to the base on time to let them to prepare for the imminent Rebel attack. The weather had worsened and there was no Intel or support so far; the men nervously made a defensive line on the nearby woods and set on wait for the enemy to come.
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Mission: Defend.
Terrible inclement weather. No aircraft during the mission. 12" visibility.
Star Army Investment Level 5. Rebel IL 2.
Mission Intel 3.
Pre-mission Intel bad!
Squad Y formed by Sgt. Blacksmith Rep 5, ASL Rep 3 and rest of the squad Rep 5. SA standard armament and armour. One asset with missile launcher.
Squad R formed by Squad leader Rep 3 and the rest Rep 4. SA standard armament and armour. One asset with missile launcher.

Turn 1. Star Army 3 - Rebels 2.
The three PEFs moved. One PEF is revealed but it was a false alarm. As there was bad Intel, the situation turned to overwhelming odds and the PEFS were doubled!

Turn 2. SA6 - R5.
SA did not activate.
Another PEF turned into nothing and one more became a Rep 4 squad. Both sections from Y squad reacted and fired to them. Seven troopers failed their shots and Blacksmith run out of ammo! Fortunately, the ASL hit them hard with his grenade launcher, making 2 OD, 2 OOF, 2 Stun and their leader Duck Back.

Turn 3. SA1 - R1.

Doubles and a score lower than the enemy Investment Level, which meant a random event. A sniper! who shot at the ASL of the Red squad but failed.

Turn 4. SA6 - R2.
SA did not activate.
The surviving Rebel squad leader charged the SA position and was turned into pink mist by the defensive laser shots.

Turn 5. SA4 - R2.
SA Red squad sergeant section moved left encircling last known Rebel position. Yellow squad ASL section charged the Rebels in front of them and took them prisoners for further interrogation.
Two more PEFs revealed and turned into nothing!

Turn 6. SA4 - R1.
All SA troops moved fast towards last PEF.
Last PEF split in two.

Turn 7. SA4 - R3.
The activation dice scored a seven, reinforcements for the SA. They received an off board fire support, an artillery strike.
Sergeant's Red section rushed forward under the cover of a small wood and spotted both PEFs; one was a false alarm, and the other a small bunker!

The bunker is small, Rep 3, with a Fire Power of 8, and SB armour. It opened fire on the Red section and let two men Stun. Then two men of the section with laser rifle fell backwards into the forest, and the one with the missile launcher fired at the bunker, reducing its Fire Power to three.
Then the artillery strike hit home and the bunker collapsed, with all the men inside Obviously Dead.

Mission accomplished. Return to base.

Blacksmith gained two Fame points for this mission, so he has now a +1 Fame Point (-1+2 = +1). The SA has also gained +1 Morale campaign whereas the Rebels lose 1 Morale campaign and 1 Investment level.
Next mission is attack and Blacksmith and his platoon are confident enough to crush definitely the Rebel uprising.


  1. Hey, you are really getting to grips with SA now, Blacksmith - nice AAR! I intend to get the rules soon, once I have soon more suitable figures.

  2. Basically, and as someone said on TMP, the key to victory is getting the In Sight before your opponent.
    I'm using my old range of Laserburn figures and I'm thinking about painting a horde of Khurasan Space Daeomons to use them as bugs for a new campaign, as I think Rebels are already finished.

  3. Nice report. Good to see Sgt Blacksmith get a win.

  4. Nice report - Good to see Sgt Blacksmith get a win.

  5. Great game and great report! I like your block terrain, it's given me a lot of ideas.

    Keep it up ;)