Mantic Elves free sprue arrived

It finally arrived and I am not disappointed at all. The sculpture is superb and without flash and has a very original style. I must say Mantic Games has had a great initiative by sending these examples for free around the world. Now that I have seen them in the flesh I'm convinced and will order some in no time.
Here you can see some pictures (click on them for a larger version) of the two elves I received, comparing them to other scales.

Mantic Elves from the free sprue

Mantic Elf with 1/72 Zvezda Greek and with 25 mm. LOTR Elf


  1. I got mine in the mail too! They are pretty cool and should see some action with Song of Blades and Heroes rules that I bought.

    what kind of colors will you paint yours with?

    I haven't decided yet.


  2. Neither do I but no matter what colour their tunics will be, the metal parts will go in gold :)

  3. I got mine the other day too. They seem a little heavily armoured for scouts though. I hope they are going to produce some without obvious armour too.

  4. Now you mention it you're right. I just thought they were dressed for battle, although light troops like scouts and the like would be a nice addition.

  5. Fine sculpts although I would have liked to see some different arm options. Bow and sword just don't really work for me.